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Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a sports fanatic. But I do love competition and I love watching others compete, as I think it brings out the best in them. However, for a lot of people, I think it’s a disease! Something that’s spreading and killing their drives, desires, and their families’ financial futures! Let me explain….

I remember a time back 1998 when the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship. At the time I was working in a retail store. One of my co-workers who was a big time basketball fanatic, decided to go downtown for the big celebration parade the next day. He was supposed to work, and asked for time off, but didn’t get it. So he just skipped work and went there anyway, although they threatened to fire him, it still didn’t stop him.

Next day, after the parade he came back to work and I asked him how was it? He began to tell me how great it was and how the turnout was huge, and all that’s very exciting (yes downtown Chicago can be exciting…I guess), but then he said something that stuck with me all these years.

He said, “you know Rumont, it feels like all my life I’ve been dreaming of this moment, for Michael Jordan and the Bulls to win six rings, and now that they got it, it’s a weird feeling. It’s like things have changed but not really.”

I listened very closely to what he was saying, and when he stopped, I asked him, “You mean your life didn’t change? “You didn’t start making more money and you still have to pay child support?” (He always complained how he wasn’t making enough money, having to pay child support for 2 kids, and that life is hard, etc…)

He gave me a puzzled look and said, “no, not really”. Not understanding what I was getting at.

Now what I still don’t get is why don’t people get fanatical about their lives? Why don’t they get obsessed about their lives, as much as they do about hockey, basketball, soccer, golf, or whatever else? I love sports, and I am a competitor, but I’m not a fanatic. I am, however, fanatical about my life and my family.

The Bulls are looking good this year. With Derrick Rose, Noah, and Rip healthy, I expect them to go far this season. In fact, they’re my #1 team and I’m cheering for them during every game! But I’m not anymore excited for them, then about me winning in business.

Another guy I used to work with before was a manager at one of the stores in the chain I worked at. After I quit my job, I was trying to recruit him into my network marketing business. I knew he didn’t like the job and wanted to make more money. With 3 kids and his wife staying at home, he genuinely seemed motivated to make more money. On top of that, he was my client, so he knew and believed in what I was doing.

I had been following up with him for quite some time and he always kept putting me off. One day we had an out of town speaker, who was a big leader in the company, coming to do a meeting in our area. So I called this guy, telling him how much he would benefit from this presentation, and if he had even an inkling that he was going to do this, he needs to be there. This was about 2 months before the event.

I kept calling every couple of weeks, just to remind him. And each time he told me he’ll be there no matter what. About 3 days before the event, I called him up to make sure he got the directions of where it was going to be at. And that’s when he dropped the bomb. He won’t be able to make it. So I asked him “why?” I mean, I kept reminding him every 2 weeks for the last 2 months.

And here was his response, “Well, Rumont, I have bowling that day.”

“What? Bowling, what do you mean?”

And he said, “yeah, I joined a bowling league, and that night is our day to play.”

I was so shocked; I didn’t know what to say.

“So you mean to tell me that bowling is more important to you, than your family’s financial future?” I said those exact words.

And here’s his response, “This is what I just have to do right now.”

Here’s a guy, over 30 years of age, 3 kids, making just enough to pay his bills, got some debt, no future in his current job, and no potential in making any more than he did at the time. And I have tons of stories just like these. What’s the matter with these people?

Well, as I finally realized, there is nothing wrong with them. Yes, they say they’re not happy, and want to make more money. They need to make more money. They’re struggling and they know it. So what’s wrong?

What’s wrong is their belief systems.

Some may think it’s too hard to make more money, others don’t believe they can do it. They think others can, but not them. Some say that they’re happy where they’re at, and that money isn’t everything. I can go on, but I think you get the point. And what happens is they use anything that comes their way as an excuse or as a reason for them to stay busy. It all stems from our beliefs; how we see the world and what our possibilities are.

You could say that I’m obsessed, and have been for years, ever since I caught the “entrepreneurial bug”. I’m always reading something, feeding my mind the mental nutrition it needs to keep me focused on what I have to do. Whatever it takes not to be one of those people. Call It brainwashing, drinking the Kool-Aid or whatever…But isn’t everything is?

Doesn’t the media, the news, the government, all brainwash you as well? Doesn’t society brainwash us into believing “how things should be”, and what’s considered “normal” and what’s not? Of course they do. But people like us wake to the “reality” that we get to choose the kind of brainwashing we want. You know the saying – “you become like the people you hang around” – it’s so true.

So my question to you is…What kind of stuff are you putting into your mind on a daily basis?

What books do you read, blogs or websites you follow?

Whose voice are you listening to?

What kind of people do you allow into your life?

The answers will dictate what influences you and the actions you end up taking. Which will ultimately lead to the kind of life you live.

I know, it’s a little deep, but you know what? Unfortunately the default path is not the empowering one, and it’s the one the masses take. But winners go against the grain and do what others are simply not willing to do. When you have this kind of attitude, you start attracting a different kind of person. Nobody wants to follow whiners, complainers and feel sorry for themselves type of people. Although, that probably describes a big chunk of our population.

There are very good resources out there to help you become the leader others want to follow. It’s not a mechanical skill or a check list of items you need to follow. It’s all in your state of mind, the beliefs you have and how you choose to carry yourself. If you haven’t invested in the necessary resources in building your business, and don’t plan to, I think you’re missing the boat. Get 100 percent involved in making a better life for yourself and your family, and take massive action!

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Source by Rumont TeKay