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When building a  MLM  online business, do you often times get confused on how to grow the business online? There are so many different Internet Marketing strategies.

In order to lay a strong foundation for a flourishing business, what is the most fundamental thing a network marketing distributor can do to maximize their income and produce a thriving business?

 MLM  building can occur in several ways online. Companies give their distributors replicated websites to promote. Numerous courses are available on PPC, Video, CPA, Facebook ads, Gmail ads… The list of stuff to learn just keeps getting bigger and BIGGER…

 MLM  marketers are bombarded with so many business building techniques by their upline and gurus in the industry. Have you ever felt frustrated by the overwhelming information thrown at you?

To recruit new distributors, you could learn how to drive traffic to your company’s replicated website. Sadly, this strategy has proven to not be effective when it comes to generating fresh  mlm  leads. Most company websites do not have compelling copywriting that is needed to move the potential prospect to action. Usually, the prospect is just given a lot of facts about the company and its products.

You could purchase  MLM  email leads, load them into a broadcasting service, and send a marketing message to those leads. You could use voice broadcasting services to send out marketing messages to potential team members.

Frankly, the possibilities are endless in this day and age of technology.

The good news is, there is one business building technique that has demonstrated its strength over the years. This technique is List Building!

List Building Basics

What is a list? By list, I mean a list of potential team members and customers who have entered their contact information on one of your lead generating websites, not your company’s replicated website.

You then are able to communicate with this list and potentially recruit them into your Network Marketing business.

There is a common misconception among Internet Marketers that the larger the list, the better. I submit to you that its not in the size of the list, it’s the quality of your list that matters most.

What Determines a Quality List?

A quality list is one in which the people on that list are likely to read your emails, engage in your messages, and respond to your messages.

You can control the quality of your list. The sources of traffic you use to generate the list and the “bribe” you use to entice them to give you their contact information make all the difference.

Five Best Sources of Traffic

There are many sources of Internet traffic you can use to build your list. Here are 5 of the best:

1) Syndication: working with other Internet Marketers to have them offer your material or product as a special bonus to their subscribers. Why is this so effective? You can now target people who have an interest in your information because they have already purchased similar information in your niche.

2) Endorsed Joint Venture Traffic: other people promoting you to their lists

3) Pay Per Click: search traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Facebook

4) Search Engine Optimization: people who find you from the natural search results in the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing

5) Social Media traffic

What is a Bribe?

Your bribe is what you offer to a prospect as an incentive to give you their contact information and join your list. It needs to educate, inspire, and motivate the prospect to take action.

Inspiring the prospect can be accomplished by showing concrete examples of how something can be done. Share true stories and testimonials.

Motivating the prospect is simply causing the prospect to take the next step. The next step maybe giving you their contact information but ultimately, it is making the decision to join your business or buy something from you.

Examples of a bribe could be a 7 day e-course, a free report, or an instructional video.

Traffic Source + Bribe = a high quality list

List Building Tools

To build a high quality list, there are 6 basic tools you will need:

1) A domain: a name for a website you will use to capture the prospect’s information. The name can reflect the type of “bribe” you are offering.

2) Hosting Account: you will need an account with a hosting company to host your website. HostGator or Blue Host are 2 inexpensive choices to consider.

3) Bribe: something to offer your prospect in exchange for their information. A free report or a video might be your top considerations.

4) Email Management System: you will need a service to capture your prospect’s contact information and then communicate with your list. AWeber or GetResponse are the two most popular services.

5) Opt-in Page: a simple webpage where a prospect can enter their name, email, and possibly their phone number.

6) Thank You Page: a webpage the prospect will be directed to after entering their contact information. This page can “presell” your prospect on the benefits of working with you in your business.

List building, when done correctly, can serve to help a Network Marketing distributor build a solid business. A quality list can be used to recruit new distributors, find new product customers, and sell related products and services.

Learning how to build high quality lists is a worthwhile investment for anyone striving to build a Network Marketing business online.

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Source by Eddie Espiritu