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I was reading the latest issue of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s newsletter recently, and he mentioned about the two types of distributors who prospect very differently.

Big Al uses an example of how one distributor eats at a restaurant and simply orders his food, while the second one asks the waiter, “Are you married to your job or are you open minded?”.

He then goes on to explain how these two distributors face the same market, use the same product, promote the same comp plan, the second distributor makes things happen because he says and does things differently than the first.

We all know people succeed in promoting network marketing offline or doing it entirely online. You have seen people give great presentations in hotels and killer three way calls with your prospects. These are talents that each distributor brings into this competitive industry of network marketing, and those who refine talents eventually take action and make it to the top.

As much as we as network marketers hate calling our business “sales” organization, this illustration with two different types of distributors points out that those who know what to say and do the right things always make it to the top — this is no different than any sales organizations exist today.

Selling and marketing the same product, same territory, same prospect and same product… but the ones who say and do the right things, will find ways to make things work.

So if you need a success story in your network marketing business, you must see network marketing as either a marketing or sales activity. Instead of denying them of its sales nature and attempting to cater to the weakness of the non-sales type distributors in your downline, you must develop and teach fundamental sales and marketing principles in your training.

You have two options here.

#1. You develop skills necessary to articulate your strength, leadership, value to the world as a network marketing distributor and a leader.

#2. You develop network of people who can point you out to the right direction so you’ll cut the learning curve. This doesn’t get accomplished if you’re only making cold calls to strangers and pitching your comp plan.

The ones who synergistically develop both attributes get even more ahead of everyone else in the same network marketing organization.

Let’s face it…

Ten years ago, multi line conference calls became reality for many network marketing organizations — this helped unify downline duplication.

Only five years ago, new sign up order became available to be taken without faxing in the corporate, right from the comfort of your living room desktop computer – improving the recruiting speed overnight.

You can choose to see the technology as a threat or opportunity, and you are the only one to determine the outcome of your organization.

With all the technologies and information available today, more people should be making money in Network Marketing. However, the statistics still remain the same today – 95 % people never make fulltime income.

Why is this?

It’ll boil down to the few things.

#1 You’re not taking action – you keep on buying products and programs, yet haven’t taken time to develop your own so you’re still following a guru or the best program.

#2. You don’t know enough people – you have right ideas, but don’t know enough people to point you out to the right direction in order to benefit most from your idea.

#3. You’re afraid to let your upline down – you’re still stuck pleasing your upline because you haven’t liberated yourself from your upline by creating a system of your own that works.

#4. You’re in love with your product and cannot move forward – you don’t have to have the best product or service to make things work. Ask McDonald’s.

Solution for all these problems exist and it’s not a tool, website or even your network marketing company. It’s having the right knowledge, knowing the right people, and knowing the right things to say and do.

The only way you can develop these skills is by learning, discovering and doing. This leads to action, correct principles and the right results.

What are you doing today to better your skills? Still chasing the right company or are you taking any action?

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Source by Takuya Hikichi