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Today, I am going to give you Monitium, reviewed and revealed. Monitium is a new opportunity that is creating a paradigm shift in the Network Marketing industry. Is it for you? Should you jump on it? I can’t answer that question for you, but I can give you the facts from a third party perspective. I am not doing Monitium, but I have been approached by several people about this new and interesting concept. Let’s look at the pros first and then the cons. Monitium is not a scam, and it has a lot of great innovators in the industry backing their leadership board. Monitium is also NOT a Network Marketing company. In many ways they are like a Union that protects the rights of the distributors.

Let’s face it, the Network Marketing industry, as a whole, has some problems at the moment. Guru’s are taking payouts from the highest bidder rather than representing a product they believe in. Some companies SUE the distributors when they decide they want to build something else(often even if they are trying to continue to build both). Companies “Decide to stop doing Network Marketing,” leaving the endless amounts of distributors that were marketing for them without a home. Other companies just go out of business period. There are also several complete scams that come out every year that are just taking people’s money and hitting the highway.

Not every company has these problems, but many are contributing to it. Monitium addresses many of these issues, and gives you the opportunity to generate several income streams all at once. They have a strict process in which they analyze and review a company, and make them sign a contract that protects the rites of the distributor. No more getting sued, no need to company hop, no scams, etc. Now, you only ever have to build One Downline: Monitium. You build your Monitium business, and then everyone has the opportunity to join whichever companies are “in the Union.” Having one team, that is involved in several opportunities, is likely to be more profitable than having them involved in just one.

The cost is $50 a month, and after you get four, it’s free. The auto ship for each company you are a part of is 50 bv, and when you have 4 people, your product is free in each respective opportunity. So with all of these benefits, why am I not doing Monitium? Well, let’s review some other facts about the Network Marketing industry.

The “Guilt Factor” of   MLM . One of the reasons that I separated myself from Network Marketing for a while was what I saw happening with product stacking. People buy products they never use because they are hoping to “get rich.” Sooner or later, the garage gets full, they haven’t sponsored anyone, and they get pretty frustrated because they didn’t want the product in the first place. The fact is that Most people never sponsor more than 3 people in Network Marketing. Is that because the business model is a scam? No, absolutely not, it’s because most people quit.

95% of people that stick with the industry, with one company, for 10 years, is making a High Six Figure Income! It can be a bit frustrating to watch your distributors buy product they obviously didn’t want. Why is it obvious? Well, because they didn’t use it; if they really liked the product 10 months worth of it wouldn’t be lying around collecting dust and mold. In most cases they are left with nothing of value because most products expire over time, or are a monthly service plan.

What does this have to do with Monitium? Well, while they are addressing many issues in the industry, they can’t fix lazy. Every time a new company is added to Monitium, there will be a “Fear of Loss” for the distributors. Distributors will feel that they need to sign up because if they don’t, they won’t be able to “maximize their profits.” Now, the average distributor is buying 5 auto-ships they didn’t want instead of 1.

There will always be people that lose money with Network Marketing, because most people won’t stick with it. The Monitium model does address several issues, but it will also likely produce an atmosphere where more people are losing more money faster than if they stuck with the traditional model. Really, this is a lot like Amway. I want to be clear that I think Amway is a great company, and I think Monitium likely will be too, but let’s look at some facts. There are a lot of Amway distributors out there that feel guilty when they buy a different brand of toothpaste because “If you owned a Ford Dealership, you wouldn’t drive a Chevy.” I think a better way to phrase that is, “You better not shop anywhere else if you own a Walmart, because Walmart has EVERYTHING!”

There are so many products in Amway, that no one distributor could ever know enough about them to really know how to market them. In the Long run, Monitium is going to be the same way. Having massive amounts of product lines sounds great on paper, but the truth is that people are better at learning how to market one product, verses several. It is the concept of being the Jack of all trades, but the master of none.

The rebuttal to this is “Just sell the Monitium opportunity!” Yes, this is true, but all leaders will have to know their products over time, and it is a lot easier to master one product line, than several… and I have never seen a great salesman that doesn’t know what he is selling. The biggest reason you will likely never see me in Monitium is the Freedom of Choice. Some might find it comforting that “The Organization” does all of the research for you to pick “The best Companies.” Well, what if I don’t like the company, or product? What if I don’t want it? Personally I don’t like to be a part of a company unless I believe in their product; it honestly isn’t necessary to make money with  MLM , it’s just a personal thing. What about the distributors you brought in that don’t want the “New Product.”

Any individual is perfectly capable of researching a company and making a good business decision as to whether or not they should be marketing for them. In an honest and fair conclusion, Monitium is a good company. I’m grateful that they are addressing a lot of the issues that are currently plaguing the network marketing industry, and I commend them for that. I believe their example will aid in a paradigm shift that will help minimize some of the problems that are going on in the industry.

Is Monitium the right choice for you? That is a question you will have to answer for yourself, because there are certainly two sides to the coin.

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Source by Aki Wood