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First of all, if you are just starting out in network marketing one of the best ways to get going is to make a list of people you know personally and contact them. Many of these people will not be interested in what you have to say, but a few will. As one of the top network marketers I know says, “Everyone knows at least 2 people who would do great in this business”. However, keep in mind your family and friends are more than likely not going to be interested in your offer. However, many may become loyal customers. The latter is the main reason that I would never avoid my warm market. Now When you are contacting others about your opportunity, here is what you don’t want to do.

Part 1: You call your friend and they say they are not interested in learning more about your opportunity. DO NOT keep calling them back trying to invite them to your meetings, phone calls, etc… A friend of mine the other day called me about her new opportunity and how great it was, and I kept telling her I wasn’t interested, even though I was very happy for her. After I told her I was not interested, she even went on to call me a half a dozen times over the course of 2 days and has even put me on the phone with 2 of her business partners. She even tried to get me to cancel a very important date, to go to a meeting. Pro’s don’t act like this and you shouldn’t either. This is very old school.

Part 2: Don’t invite a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years to coffee and make them think you care about them, to only have your sponsor show up and spend 30 minutes pitching their business opportunity. This happened to me a few weeks ago. I was very excited to meet up with an old friend and learn more about what he was up to, to only find out that I had to spend the next 30 minutes listening to his friend pitch me on another opportunity. Would a professional doctor, or lawyer behave like this? Be a pro, and if you want to introduce someone to your business call them and tell them first to see if they would be open to meeting with you for this purpose, than bring your sponsor, only and if only they know they agree to it. Do not be secretive, it will only make you look bad, unprofessional and probably lose you lots of respect.

Part 3: If you share your opportunity with others and someone puts their hand up that they want more information. Don’t wait too long, keep in mind if someone puts their hand up, it could be time sensitive, so don’t let time pass too long before putting them on a 3 way call, or getting them on a conference call. If you are new to network marketing, never enroll people on your own, always, always, always get them on the phone with your closest leader.

Part 4: Don’t buy leads for at least your first few months, if ever. You have to develop some pretty phenomenal phone skills, before you just start randomly calling people. I would seriously just go through the white pages of your local telephone book and spend a few hours a week just practicing your phone posture and dealing with rejection, before you pay $3 – $7 per lead through a lead company. To be quite honest the leads you purchase, are not going to be much better than your phone book. All you got to say is “you responded to an ad on the internet about a home based business”. Most people are on the internet nowadays and everyone is filling out forms, so who is to say they didn’t.

Part 5: If you give someone a product to try, do not make the mistake of not following up with them. You wouldn’t just randomly hand out $5 Bills to everyone on the street, be selective and ask permission first before you just put a bottle in someone’s hand. If they give you permission always follow up at least within a few days to see if they liked it. If they didn’t like it, move on, they will never join your biz….

Part 6: Don’t pass up an opportunity when you see a car with an advertisement for another   MLM . Most people in this situation know how to do  MLM  and direct sales and could be a great candidate for your business and most are probably not making any real money. They are also probably working a business model where they have to work lots and lots of hours, do home parties and always be selling products. Hopefully, your opportunity is unique to theirs and you can show them a much better way. Just leave your business card in their window wiper and see if they call you back.

Part 7: Don’t talk to everyone within 3 feet. How stupid is that. First of all the only reason you go after your warm market is because people already know you and hopefully you have some respect. At least enough respect where someone will give you the benefit of the doubt to look at your opportunity. But approaching strangers and randomely telling them about your opportunity before you get to know them is just STUPID. Now if your one of those people who cannot resist sharing your opportunity with the world than the only way this would ever work is, “To tell others that you are starting a new business venture and you are looking for people who need to make extra money and are entrepreneurial, would you know of anyone like that?”

That’s it for today, but hopefully by not making these 7 Costly Mistakes you will see your business grow.

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Source by John Lowery