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I was at a presentation in Dublin myself, and the present claimed and proved that he made over €20,000 in a month. Given that he is at the top and every person signing in Dublin and UK are under him, I can understand that.

However, what he failed to mention on the presentation is how much he spent over all renting venues in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and in the UK, he also failed to address expenses for flying to the UK. Lastly, given that a Canadian speaker spent almost a month in Ireland/UK attending the presentations, he too failed to disclaim those expenses. I reckon he spent close to what he earned making sure other people signed, so he can make more money.

On regards of the product itself, the system doesn’t do what it says, it claims it can find you the cheapest price. What it does is opens other websites, none of which work in Ireland, and you have to sort the cheapest price from those sites. When you search for a product the program opens up and covers the right-side of the screen (sits on top of the Google ads), from there if you click on the compare button, the software opens between 5 and 10 sites on an interval between 1 second and 10 seconds. The sites that it opens are the real comparison sites (kelkoo, ciao!, Shopping, BizRate, Google Product Search, DealTime and others), at no point the product presents a list of the 10 cheaper prices or anything similar, all it does is saving you from having to manually open the sites and re-type the search.

I have not examined the product further, but I am guessing that when the compare button is pressed and the comparison sites are opened, a payment is processed between the sites and Shopping Genie’s parent company, same technology used by any advertisement on the web. (I can dig dipper if people wants me to do so)

Now, for the  MLM  business; as said by other people before, the money comes from selling the license and building something that in paper looks like a pyramid, I sell to two people (2 on level 2), they each sell to two people (4 on level 3) they each sell to two people (8 on level 4) and so far, this grows exponentially by level if every keeps the sales. Per-click-payment are “mentioned” at $3 per month, and this could be truth at the start; people is curious and start ‘playing’ with it until they get bored. But the question to be asked is how often is people going to use the product. This is great for expensive purchases (TV, laptop, perfume [the expensive one], sim-free phones,…) but not every day items, I would not compare my soup prices, my soap prices, my bread,…. so again, how often does a person by an “expensive” item, once a month? if that often.

On the presentation as said by another person before, they show slides, so you never get to see the product on-action, imagine going to by a car, looking at the brochure and saying YES I take the car. This is similar, the presentation show “sort of ” how it works, but fails to address the opening of other pages; further more, since the main guy is from Northern Ireland, all the examples are in £, a convenient way to avoid the awkwardness of explaining it does not work in Ireland; although he mentions that it will work “better” in the future.

Anyone joining a  MLM  company will make money, that is a proven fact, but is not a job where you get thousand of Euro (or Dollars) for little or no work, which is what most MLMs “trick you to believe”. They always promise to make you money with little work; just doing it part-time. But as with any JOB, the harder you work the more you make. You will earn money, that is been proven on this post, but you will have to put the time and expense to earn money, you will have to do phone calls, you will have to travel places, you will have to meet people over lunch or coffee. If you are joining thinking that you are going to make thousands a month just working few hours a month, you will be in for a surprise. [e04bf097, you got $40, but how much did you spend on phone calls, petrol driving to meet people,…? and how much time did you put onto the program?]

My conclusion is to avoid any company the uses the  MLM  system, where you are selling a license to either sell a product, or in this case give it for free, none of these companies have a sustainable future. As with everything on life, these companies fall in the 80/20 rule; 20% of the people (those on the top) make 80% of the money while 80% of the people (those on the lower levels) make 20% of the money. The company is structured so you spend time and energy chasing to get onto higher levers by selling more, the more you sell they more the top people make and the more you make, but like an ass after a carrot, you will never get the carrot, not matter how fast you travel.

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Source by Ramon Diaz