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Who is Mike Dillard? It’s the question on many people’s mind right now.

I first found Mike Dillard about a year ago, and like many of you, I read his books and forgot about them. They gathered dust on the shelves.

A year later, when I was totally fed up with the 3 foot rule and REALLY wanted  MLM  success, I decided to take a closer look. Since then my learning curve has been steep and my action steady. Results have followed action. But the sassy thing is, once in place the system works 24/7, even while I sleep.

Mike Dillard is a real guy. He’s darn well jammed my inbox full of annoyingly relevant info. And be careful if you reply to him. Just the other day, an innocent student had her reply blasted out for all to see. If you’ve sold vacs or waited tables, he’s been there, done that. But now he coaches attraction marketing in a suit… He’s not a wannabe like so many – but give them credit for trying, clearly many have not cottoned on yet.

Mike Dillard’s professional presence on the net is nothing short of inspiring and his frank letters often a bolt from the blue, geared to shock you into the right action. God bless him.

Mike is extremely successful because what he does works. He’s a master of building relationships and branding. The amount of traffic he receives daily is in the ten’s of thousands and is proof that he has value to offer almost all network marketers. The latest is that he now has an industry email list of more some 200,000. That’s a lot of followers and I have not heard of one complaint yet.

Isn’t that what you need to succeed? Even just a 100th would help, right?

Mike Dillard’s Attraction Marketing model can take you forward in leaps and bounds, so long as you take action on what you learn.

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Source by Francine Pullman