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I wanted to share the details of an interesting call that I

received yesterday from a new member of my team.

I was on the way to getting lunch and my phone rang. It was

answered by a voice that I had never heard before. This

wasn’t very surprising because I’m used to this now.

Actually I’ve gotten into the habit of answering my phone by

saying “This is Daegan Smith” instead of the normal hello

because I get so many call like this these days.

Well this guy introduced himself and told me that he was new

in the business and he wanted to know if I would him conduct

3 way calls with his prospects and tell him where to

purchase good leads.

I immediately smiled, but he couldn’t see this.

I told him that I would be more than happy to help in this

capacity, but buying leads and conducting three way calls is

something that I am neither that good at doing or every

really do.

I told him that I have never bought a single lead to grow my

current business or talk to anyone on the phone about my

business unless they call me or sign up in the business and

that this is how things had been since I began promoting.

There was a short uncomfortable and then the guy let out a

little chuckle and said “Really?”

I said yeah you don’t have to do that kind of stuff if you

don’t want and honestly I wouldn’t recommend it if you value

your long term sanity and happiness in the process of

growing your business.

He didn’t know what to say.

I don’t think that this guy ever encounter a business model

like this for network marketing so he didn’t know what to

ask or say next.

I didn’t get a chance to check, but he must have been so far

down in my genealogy that the chain of communication was

broken somewhere along the lines and he didn’t get a copy of

our team’s marketing manual.

I told him to give me call later and we’ll get him set up on

the right track. He hasn’t called yet, but if he’s serious I

know he will.

I know this may sound a little controversial, but in today’s

world if you don’t to call leads you don’t have to. That’s

just the simple truth!

That’s the quick story for today!

I got a great email reply from yesterday’s article so I will



Hi Daegan!

You are an “expert” so I am listening to everything you have

to say having recently joined an   MLM !

I get asked the following WRONG question all the time.

“How long until I make money?” you are right! I get asked

this too! You have to follow certain steps of course, you

can’t just hear the testimonials and have a dream list, you

have to WORK!!

Level of success depends on WORK, there is plenty of appeal

but, there is WORK too! It’s frustrating in this business

because people think we are trying to “”sell them””, we are

not trying to “sell” them on our new venture, we’re not

trying to get new recruits, people seem to think we are

trying to persuade them when we’re not, we are genuinely

concerned about their health.

Everything is psychological I believe, I think that we are

our own worst enemy! They say that most car accidents happen

25 miles from home, that means that it is PSYCHOLOGICAL.

I’ve seen it time and again with my mom, she will be close

to home and start thinking about home and get sleepy, she

even has to slap herself sometimes! Like it says in

Proverbs, “as a man thinks, so is that man.”

“I can’t, they won’t, don’t know how etc” , that is why God

gave us free will of course, it is free to think however you

want. You are free to think, act, and say anything you

please! That is the gift of Life, after all.

You create your experience completely. It’s all you. If

you’re unhappy with something, if you’re “suspicious”, if

you’re angry, if you’re happy as all get-out…it’s all You.

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Source by Daegan Smith