Get LEADS On Autopilot!

We have agreed that in order for you to improve on your lead prospecting, you need to generate web traffic consistently. Let us continue examining the various ways on how to increase web traffic for your  MLM  websites so as to improve on your network marketing lead generation.

Besides getting immediate traffic to your website, you should also work towards generating web traffic on auto pilot. This would serve you very well indeed by continuously generating website traffic hits for your  MLM  websites.

The best way to do the above is to work at submitting quality articles on network marketing internet business to the various article directories such as ezine articles, idea marketers, search warp, etc… It is best to submit to those article directories with high Alexa rankings of less than 100,000.

When you submit quality articles with keywords thrown in, you will be able to take advantage of the high traffic user generated websites and leverage on these visitors to draw traffic to your website.

By submitting to such sites, you would also be able to aim for your target market when you key in your article categories correctly. When visitors appreciate your article, they can either republish or share with others. This is where you can get viral traffic.

You can also convert your article and make your own podcast or audio recording. This is simple to do and you can download free software from the internet to create as well as publish podcast.

Continuing your article which you can easily convert into a power-point presentation and podcast, you can create a simple video and add video to website, as well as submit video to any internet video site such as You Tube and Vimeo.

Creating an eBook from all your various articles and submitting them to free eBook sites is another alternative to drive traffic to your  MLM  websites. Or you could even come up with a newsletter using the contents from some of your articles.

Creating and maintaining a blog of all your articles is a good habit. This can help you brand yourself and build your credibility as well. Make use of the RSS feed as well as blog directories to generate website traffic.

Personally, I like the idea of article submissions and video submissions best as they continue to generate web traffic for you years down the road. This is the best part where you continue to generate leads even years after you have put in the effort. When you make your own podcast and add video to your website, this is even more powerful as you now have various modes of information to attract the different senses. This sort of lead prospecting is wonderful for your network marketing internet business as they effectively increase web traffic for your  MLM  websites for as long as your  mlm  websites remain active.

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Source by Veronica Tan B.K.