Get LEADS On Autopilot!

The Old English word for wealth is Wela. The company was founded in 2009 by seasoned internet marketers who made the decision to create a network marketing company that would make it possible for the average guy or gal to make a lot of money and help people in the process.

Wela managed to create a business model different than any other MLM companies. They created a model called a powerline system. Why was the powerline system created? It was created so that any person that gets started in the business after you will actually be placed in your downline. This creates a lot of activity in your business. People are reporting teams of over 1,000 people in less than 2 weeks of having started their very own WELA business.

So how does the powerline system work? When a potential new prospect reviews your website they will be given a place in the powerline system. The powerline system will then automatically let the tour taker know when a prospect has looked at the business after them. This will let your new prospect know they have volume that is starting to accrue beneath them.

What does this do for your business? It creates excitement and a call to action for any prospect that takes a tour of your website. Once a week the people who haven’t upgraded their accounts will lose their spot in the power-line system. So each week you have the option to upgrade or lose all of the new people that you have acquired over the prior week. The system lets the person see that the power-line system does work and also makes for a compelling reason to get upgraded before the deadline so they can start earning.

Let’s talk about the product Slimberry. There are many network marketing companies today that do not have a real consumable product. You may have seen MLM companies before that only offer assorted digital products and expect people to stay on an autoship every month with products that are terrible. With Wela you receive a real health product each month. Slimberry is produced from the Acai fruit. The Acai fruit has been proven to be a best seller in the health food market for years. Slimberry is shipped directly to your door each month and the price is right. I hope this has been a helpful insight to a network marketing company where you have a real chance for success.

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Source by Jeffrey Aman