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Network marketing is an awesome way to build a future. If you’re working, use your income from your job to invest into a home based   MLM  business. Work your business part time while you are working a full time job. If anyone tries to talk you into quitting your job to work from home – RUN THE OTHER WAY!!

Network marketing is NOT a get rich quick scam. Some PEOPLE or COMPANIES are unscrupulous and will tell you that you can get rich overnight. They are LYING TO YOU!! Don’t believe them.

You CAN get rich in network marketing, but it takes work and it takes effort and it takes time. It will NOT happen overnight and you can NOT sign up, do nothing and get paid. That lie has “gotten” a lot of people.

I’m here to tell you the TRUTH. Network marketing can be the vehicle to create a recurring income for life. Can it happen overnight? NO.

Do your homework. Know what to look for in a network marketing company. Once you are armed with the information that you need to make an informed decision, you will have a crystal ball into this industry. This will help insure that you don’t spend a ton of money and lose it all.

Most companies are set up so they (THE COMPANY) are successful, but the key is to find out what percentage of the reps are successful. The company and the person who is introducing you to the business probably won’t tell you that, so you need a way to find out. You need to find what we call the 10K number.

Imagine this – you are faced with two staircases to climb. At the top of each is the same prize – $10,000. One staircase has 2,500 steps and the other staircase has 400 steps. Which one would you rather climb?

Find out how many people need to be in your organization to make $10,000/mo. If you need to build an organization of 2,500 people to make $10,000/mo. and I need to build an organization of 400 people to make $10,000/mo., who do you think will have an easier job?

Why spin your wheels? Do your homework, get educated and find the right company for you. It’s out there.

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Source by Roxanne Green