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MLM business opportunities are genuine, simple and legal ways of achieving that comfort in life which is rarely possible by just holding a day job.

However, only signing up for a MLM business opportunity will mean and achieve nothing. One has to active pursue their MLM business, just like any other businessman would concentrate on their businesses.

MLM is all about doing it the right way at the right time. The first step of an MLM business is prospecting. Of course, there are many aspects one should consider before prospecting a particular individual for their MLM business opportunity. How you pitch the business to a prospective individual is also too important to be ignored. In this fast paced world, time is money. You have to ensure that your pitching is as fast as possible, without ignoring the main points of the MLM business opportunity.

Here are some pointers to have that perfect 20 second pitch for your MLM business opportunity.

Short and Sweet: Most probably, you will be able to get in two or three sentences into a twenty second time frame, and that would be the most crucial part of your entire prospecting. Keep in mind the time frame while preparing anything for the pitch.

Interest: Along with it being short and sweet, the pitch should have something in it that would interest the particular individual right away. If you are prospecting someone you know, you could simply present the MLM opportunity as a solution to any of his financial problems that you already know of. Or you could present the opportunity as a way to achieve some things he or she has been saving or thinking of for some time, like a world tour or a new car.

The facts, and only the facts: With such a small time frame, you can obviously not have a starting paragraph and an ending paragraph in your pitch. Therefore, the best way is to cut of the fluff and give out a cut and dried version of the MLM business opportunity.

Write-Up: Very few people can actually convince a person within twenty seconds. Therefore, keep a small write-up, your advertising collateral or even your visiting card handy. These will be useful to have an open-ended conversation with the prospective individual. Also, you could present the pitch in such a way that the actual mission you were on was to present the prospective individual with the write-up. With the help of a written brochure or visiting card, you could always end the conversation with a ‘read this and you will know’, or ‘call me when you are free’.

These and other factors will help you in making one of the most successful 20 second pitches for your MLM business. There are many other ways to get tips for your MLM business. One of the best is to spend time with your seniors in the business who have spent more time in the business than you and therefore have more experience and information about it.

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Source by Colin Meunier