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Why do we want to own a business of our own? I guess it is because we have dreams. We want something that means a lot to us. This could be world travel, paying off your debt or mortgage or putting your children through private school. Dream building is key to success in any business. Dreams stair our emotions. They are what will get us out of our comfort zone to do things we think we cannot do. Reason alone will not cause us to do these things. Our minds which always looks for the road of least resistance will probably tell us not to try. We will try to find reasons to justify our inactions. It is emotion that will cause us to go after our dreams.

We need to constantly cultivate our dreams as they will keep us going through the difficult times when doubt sets in. They will give us belief when our enthusiasm seems to have been completely sapped. It is important to visualize what you want out of life in your mind. You need to bring your dream to life. You’ve got to see it, touch it and feel it before it becomes real. Before, he became famous the comedian, Jim Carey wrote a cheque for £10,000,000 and posted it to himself. This was how he kept himself motivated. The result? He is now a world leading comedy actor.

If you want to have the latest Jaguar, why not visit a car dealership and view the car of you dreams. Sit in it and smell the leather. feel the interior. Take it for a test drive and see how it feels to drive one. If you truly want the freedom from a job, why not write your boss a retirement letter and put a date on it. This may be the date you will give it to your boss. It will be a constant reminder why you are building your business. If owning a dream kitchen is your thing, why not pop over to your local kitchen showroom store and sit in the display kitchen and imagine that it is yours. Some might think that this is a waste of time but it works. The mind is very powerful. When we tell it what we want, it starts to work out ways to achieve it. This is how people have been able to reach seemingly unachievable goals.

Dream building is fun but it also plays an important role in the planning for what you want in life. It shows serious intent. You are telling yourself that how important you dream is to you. It will also give you the extra drive and incentive to pursue your goal in life. It is however not enough to do this once. You need to do this constantly. You need to have your motivational bucket filled every now and again especially during times of discouragement. And it is important that you cultivate your make dream. Make dream building a part of your daily activity.

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Source by Ajibola Obe