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The most important factor that differentiates man from other animals is communication. As a matter of fact, it can be mentioned that man being a social being needs to communicate to form and be in a society. Moreover, from time immemorial, man has always tried to develop various gadgets to enhance this factor of communication. From beating drums to smoke signals from conventional telephones to mobile phones, almost every age has witnessed something or the other. The latest medium of communication is a mobile phone. These tiny gadgets were once seen as a luxury item though nowadays they have become a necessity. If we turn back the pages of history, we can witness how these widgets have revolutionised the arena of wireless communication.

Mobile phones have enhanced both the lifestyle and working style of the users. In fact, various top notch companies have ventured into this arena to develop high-end handsets. In this context, Samsung renders a high-class treatment. This brand has actually hit the top-list by producing phone models that are enhanced with high-end features and glossy designs. The latest Samsung Omnia is further leading this brand with feature-rich options and bright designs.

The high-end connectivity options can be enjoyed with this Samsung Omnia handset as it comes enhanced with various feature-rich options. Its sleek and attractive design would further impel the onlookers to become curious. This sleek mobile phone weighs only 127 gms and has dimensions of 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm. This GSM enabled smartphone can be carried anywhere and is very convenient to operate. The user-friendly features would further permit you to operate the functional menus at ease. The 3.2 inches TFT touchscreen has the capability to display images with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. This elegant and spacious touchscreen further for visual clarity displays images along with 256K colours. The handwriting recognition feature efficiently recognises the handwriting at ease. With this feature, you can simply some of your tasks.

This high-end smartphone runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system. A 5 mega pixel camera has been embedded in this mobile phone to ensure that the images captured are very bright and clear. Moreover, this camera phone has been enhanced with various other extra features such as autofocus, flash and image stabiliser. These additional features would permit you to capture far, close, still and moving images without any concerns. Interestingly, the flash option would permit you to capture images even in dull and dark environments.

The multimedia messaging options such as SMS, EMS, MMS Email and Instant messaging further make this handset very impressive. With these features, you can always stay connected with your beloved ones and friends and that too in a very cost-effective manner. These features would facilitate you to communicate even without making a call to them. Moreover, with this camera phone the users can even record video clips and cherish the unforgettable moments without any concerns. The tangle-free interface would further facilitate you to record high-end video clips at ease.

As such when all the preferred options are available in this Samsung Omnia handset, it is quite obvious one can use this handset to enhance his lifestyle and working style at ease.

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Source by Alice Erin