Get LEADS On Autopilot!

With so many people now discovering “Social Marketing” and “Attraction Marketing”, it is like taking a road trip without a map, trying to get to your desired destination of success. As a fellow network marketer, I recall spending countless hours, posting my business on MySpace & Facebook in hopes of getting a lead. With exhausted finger tips, and strained eyes, I would get to no avail with any real leads.

Finally, a light bulb came on and I realized (not really, I read a book that taught me) that people don’t join your business because it is the:

– Best Business Opportunity

– Best Product

– or Best Compensation Plan

Instead, people are attracted to “you”, and realize that “you” are whom they want to follow.

So, with that said…the best ways to separate yourself from the competition are:

1. Brand Yourself

2. Provide Valuable Information to those that are “seeking” quality answers, and give them away for free, opening the doors to building a quality, respected relationship with others.

3. Create a “funnel system”, that places you in position to generate high quality traffic that generates leads for you, while your sleeping.

4. Find ways to earn income, whether people join your business or not. Desperation is often the sign of death to our businesses, where we begin to compromise our integrity and professionalism, in hopes of getting people to sign up.

5. Figure out who your target market is, and zone in on them. (HINT: Other frustrated Network Marketers are the best source to go after because they know the business, are ready to make money now, and open to other opportunities…but don’t focus on getting them into your business. Instead, find a solution to their problems, once you’ve figured out what their problems are)

These are just a few ways that you can begin to Separate Yourself from the Competition.

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Source by Nicole S. Cooper