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There are thousands of people searching on the internet for the home based business that is right for them. However, most people do not really know where to start. For one, there are hundreds, if not thousands of choices of business opportunities. Success can be obtained with virtually any business, as long as it is legitimate. However, one of the key factors of success is choosing the correct upline sponsor. The #1 reason that people fail in a home based business is because they do not have a supportive mentor.

It is unfortunate to see how many people fall into the “heavy hitter” trap. I have heard and seen many exaggerated promises that are almost impossible to keep. “Heavy hitters” will rave about how much money they make, how big their organization is and how easy it is to achieve this success. It is necessary to realize that one person’s success cannot guarantee another person’s success.

A person must choose their mentor or upline carefully. Consider these following points.

1. Is this a trustworthy person? The absolute best mentor will be one who is upfront and honest with you. You can tell who is genuinely honest, within only a few minutes of talking with them. If the person starts promising quick success and vast wealth, be extremely wary and check out more possible upline sponsors.

2. Do you communicate well with this person? When you first get in contact with them, do you feel comfortable and not intimidated?

3. Do you see this person’s ads all over the internet? You may think this is a good thing. All this really shows is that they have a lot of money to spend on advertising. Whether they have gained it from network marketing or not is irrelevant. As I mentioned before, their success does not guarantee your success. many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on advertising for themselves, but will not spend a penny on advertising for their downline.

A good upline/mentor, will show you how to generate leads at little or no cost. There are plenty of ways to advertise without spending buckets of money at the same time.

Unfortunately, there has been many network marketers with high potential who have failed because they have not received the support that is required to be successful. There are many snakes on the internet who will take your money and run, if given the chance. Even if the business you are getting involved with is legitimate and carries a good product, you will most likely not succeed if your upline is not supportive. Most people will quit after only several weeks or months, if they do not find success within that time.

Whether you decide to sell soap, vitamins or Dr Gougenheim’s new foot odour dispeller via direct sales/network marketing, it is important to understand the need of a good upline. Your success will depend on it. Trust me, I have been where you are.

Andy Giles operates an online business and helps people meet their financial goals.

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Source by Andy Giles