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Lifestyle can also keep a person from health risks or complications due to low or high sugar levels. With weight control and proper diet, you can refrain from being dependent on glucose control medications.

Blood sugar or glucose is the amount of sugar in our bloodstream. The sugar or glucose in our body is determined by a lot of factors including metabolism, exercise and the food that we consume. Glucose levels are measured and given recorded values. We should maintain normal sugar levels throughout the day but it is still normal to have at least a small spike or dip in blood glucose after or before meals.

There are numerous tests that are done in order to monitor blood glucose level. The easiest way to check your blood is with a blood sugar monitor. This test only needs a sample of your blood and placed on a glucose meter. The meter will then give a reading and the number will be the one to determine the amount of glucose in the blood. This test is usually done a few times a day to monitor the blood sugar preferably during the morning, after mealtime and before sleeping. For accurate readings, blood sample is drawn and processed in a laboratory. For this test, the doctors will check the hemoglobin levels which will give them the average 3-month reading of the glucose level in their blood.

Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are illnesses or complications caused by not normal blood sugar in the body. Hyperglycemia is a condition wherein sugar levels are very high while hypoglycemia is a condition wherein sugar levels are very low.

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