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The biggest thing that any one person has going for them in this business; themselves! The key to success is definitely going to be originality of promoting yourself and your knowledge! I’m sure we’ve all been told before that we can literally copy someone’s system exactly and we’ll become rich off of it. I know I’ve been told that, and I know when I first started I truly believed it as well. Then I worked my business in that manner for 4 months or so with absolutely no success and I decided to look for another way. You don’t have to re-create the wheel, but you do have to be yourself.

I love using other people’s systems to make myself money online. They’ve gone through the research, they’ve tested everything out, and they’ve found out exactly what works to achieve success with their systems. For these reasons I do enjoy the fact that I can copy what they’ve done and achieve success in a fairly short period of time. I take their concepts, knowledge, and training and utilize them for my business. I do not copy everything verbatim though.

If you were checking your e-mail inbox, and you saw 15 or so e-mails all from different people with the exact same subject and message, would you really want to look further into any specific person’s e-mail? That is one of the major problems with so many people today, is that they have no creativity. I understand it’s much easier to copy and paste, the only problem with that is you will blend in with the crowd. That is one of the worst possible things you can do. I’m not telling you to stop using the same system or stop promoting the same company that everyone else is. These companies are probably really great if they have a lot of people out there promoting them. The only point here is that you must find a way to establish you from the rest of the network marketing world.

How do you stick out from the crowd? The best way to stick out, is to be different. Even if it means that you just change the subject of the e-mail, you’d still be a cut above the rest. You could even go so far as to rewrite the e-mail in your own words. This e-mail is just an example, and originality will apply to all aspects of your marketing techniques.

One thing I’ve gotten out of originality besides the results is that I’m becoming the teacher. When I have to actually sit down and read something and learn it, then go and rewrite it in my own words, I’ve gone through the process of education. The more I learn, the more helpful I am becoming to others, and I’m growing a larger team at a faster pace because of this. It is through original content that you will brand yourself as a leader, and not your company or system!

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Source by Jordan Schultz