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1. Try using applesauce or zuchinni in your baking recipes instead of vegetable oil. You get the same amount of moisture with less fat and get the added bonus of fruit and veggies.

2. Cauliflower is a great alternative to Potatoes! Try making mashed cauliflower, the key is to use lots of garlic for flavoring. Feel free to use a little cheese on top also. Many recipes can be found on the web.

3. One of my favorite things is icecream. If yours is too and you like to drown it in caramel, candy, chocolate sauce or strawberry topping, try a no sugar alternative. I love buying no-sugar, low-calorie strawberry or raspberry jam and topping my frozend yogurt or low-fat icecream with it.

4. Use Spaghetti squash instead of actual pasta for your dish and still get the great taste of a meat sauce on top, but with more betacarotene and vitamins!

5. Tired of plain water? Instead of adding flavor with the chemical-laden low-calorie drink mixes like Crystal Light, try using a natural option. Lemons are a nice zesty way to add some zing to your water. Try a more spa-like approach by using thinly sliced cucumbers. It’s cool and refreshing!

6. Instead of consuming store bought popsicles and yogurt pops which are full of sugar, try a home made approach. Use popsicle trays which can be filled with 100% real fruit juice or your favorite yogurt.

7. Grilling is a great option when cooking food. Whether you use an indoor grill or barbeque to prepare your food, you will still get all of flavor, with a lot less fat! You can grill anything from meats, fish and veggies to fruit like pineapples.

8. When preparing pasta use a pinch of sea salt instead of oil in your boiling water. Your noodles will not have an oily coating on them and the still cook up just as fast and will not stick to the pot.

9. When preparing fish or chicken, don’t use heavy sauces and oils to prepare them. Simply use half of a lemon to season. Chicken can be sprinkled with rosemary or curry powder and the fish, be it salmon or otherwise, can be sprinkled with dill in addition to the lemon. Feel free to use other herbs, all of the high-fat, high-calorie marinades are not necessary to give your food flavor. From here, you can bake or grill either for maximum flavor.

10. Beef up a pre-made items such as a recipe by simply adding some fruit or veggies. You could purchase bran muffins and add some strawberries, carrots, bananas etc. Likewise with pre-made pizzas they often lack much meat or veggies. I usually buy the chicken, spinach and cheese pizza and add my own shrimp and mushrooms on top to maximize on protein and my veggies. Whatever you like, be creative!

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Source by Karla M. Davis