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There are a number of factors that are responsible for causing low sperm count. Some of the factors responsible for causing this condition may be attributed to tight underwear, extreme heat, heavy duty cycling, stress which may be emotional or physical etc. Nearly 6% of men belonging to the age group 15 – 50 years experience this problem. This condition may also be triggered by behavioral problems as well.

Knowing the causes of this condition is half the battle won. This will provide you with a favorable condition to address the issue and will be helpful in increasing count. Following are some of the tips to help you overcome the issue of low sperm count:

1) Behavior such as smoking and drinking alcohol, addiction to marijuana etc are some of the major factors that may lead to low sperm count. So quitting these behaviors may contribute to increase low sperm count.

2) Exposure to heat is another major cause of low count. Sperm cannot survive in hot temperature. So it is important to create a favorable climate by avoiding hot baths, Jacuzzi, tight underwear etc to increase the production of sperm.

3) Hormonal imbalance may also be a major factor that may impact the production of sperm. So it is essential to maintain stress free lifestyle as stress often leads to hormonal imbalance.

4) Regular exercise is another effective way to increase the production of sperm. However, overdoing it may again have an adverse effect on the production of sperm. 30 minutes daily exercise is more than enough to overcome this condition.

Besides these methods, there are also many medical help that can effectively help you in increasing your sperm count.

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Source by Manu Thomas