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My son Carlitos is one and half years old. When he wants something he grabs me by the hand, He pulls me and leads me to it. He does not ask me if I want to go, He just pulls and complains if I offer any resistance. He’s just interested in what he wants to get out of me and nothing else.

In a similar way, very similar I have to say, when we interact with our prospects and business partners We (inevitably) have our best interest in mind. We are selfish beings by nature. It’s our survival mechanism. Our survival mode and it’s always on, day and night.

The problem with our survival mode (always on) is not that it is on all the time. The problem is that it is too loud; the problem is that it interferes with the selfishness of our prospects and that interference creates conflicts that disrupt the presentation process.

When Carlitos is pulling my arm, he completely shuts down my survival mode (his is on) and I “fight” him because that puts my “life” in danger. We can get what we want without threatening the survival mode of our prospects.

We don’t even have to shut down our own survival mode, if we just focus all our attention on the prospect’s needs and wants we should be able to leave our prospects modes “untouched”. By doing so, we satisfy our own needs and wants.

Give and you shall receive!

Handshake! To Your Success!

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Source by Carlos Sano