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The most important thing you can do when you try to become a top rated  MLM  is to drive traffic to your business through a multi-faceted plan that incorporates several elements. You should have MULTIPLE free ways to drive traffic and MULTIPLE paid ways to drive traffic to your business. Today, I’m going to give you my top FREE ways to get traffic going so that you too can become a top rated  MLM  in no time flat

With FREE traffic generation it often takes a little time to get the process started and achieve your goal of becoming a top rated  MLM . So, I’ve ordered the following steps in priority based on speed of gaining you traffic. I recommend that you follow this order for your free traffic generation methods.

STEP ONE: Forum Postings

One of the quickest (almost instant) free ways to drive traffic and become a top rated  MLM  is by making yourself known in forums that are pertinent to your niche. So, the first thing you should do is head over to Google and type in “YOUR NICHE FORUM” replacing YOUR NICHE with the keyword that applies to your business. So, if weight loss was my niche I would type in “weight loss forum” and up would pop hundreds of possible places to start visiting.

Once you have chosen at least FIVE forums you should register at each one and fill out your profile page. In your profile you should put a short message and then a link back to your website or autoresponder. This will drive traffic and make you a top rated  MLM  before too long!

For instance you would want to put:

“10 tips to losing 10 pounds in the next 10 days YOURLINK”

This becomes an advertisement that gets displayed beneath EVERY post you make in EVERY forum. This also gets picked up by search engines and can drive traffic back to your business in that way as well.

Your goal should be to post FIVE times per day in each forum for 25 postings per day. That’s over 750 advertisements per month that you are placing in forums that are visited by people who are LOOKING for what you offer. This will live on the internet FOREVER! Before you know it you will be a TOP rated  MLM  with your business!


A quick way to get traffic as well as a reputation as an expert is to create a blog. You can get a free one at and then start posting away. Blogger often gets picked up by the search engines very well and can be a source of ongoing traffic as you go forward.

Your goal should be to write a quick blog post EVERY DAY around your topic. Every person that has a top rated  MLM  business does this and you should too. And, in the body of that post you should have a link back to your website which will create back links that further drive your website’s popularity on the search engines. You COULD drive your forum traffic to your blog and then they could join your list from there assuming you have an opt in box created, which is easy to do with Getresponse and other services.

STEP THREE: Article Writing

In terms of biggest bang for your time, article writing is hands down the best way to become a top rated  mlm . But, you have to do it correctly. The way you do that is by heading over to Google’s keyword tool (type that into their search engine and you’ll find it) and type in your key word. If your key word was “weight loss” you would find that this has a LOT of competition. But you will find that “top weight loss”,”weight loss management” or “weight loss DVD” don’t have that much competition.

So, you could write an article called

“Top Weight Loss programs reviewed”

and then put “top weight loss” in each paragraph somewhere to enhance your keyword density. Then, upload this to article sites that will quickly get you indexed in Google. I find these three work best:

Whenever I write an article I upload it here first and I find that within 24 hours I’m in the top three placements on Google for my keyword. It’s pretty amazing! BTW,you can type in “Todd Wesley” into any of these sites and view any of the many articles I’ve posted recently.

Your goal should be to write ONE ARTICLE per DAY and submit it to sites. If you do this around words that have little competition you will receive free traffic FOREVER.

Becoming a top rated  MLM  is not guess work. Instead, it is an exact science that is known by every top guru in the world. They follow these strategies EVERY DAY and you should too!

Your coach in success,

Todd Wesley

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Source by Todd N. Wesley