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Adolf Hitler may be cruel, but how is he able to command the loyalty of basically good people to perform evil acts of genocide? Well, some people say it’s not entirely Hitler’s fault. Here’s why.

Because people are just blindly following his lead and they CHOSE to follow his lead – even if it may not be in their own best interest. In other words, even though the people doing the killing knew it was wrong, they decided for themselves to follow orders.

In fact, there is a famous quote by Hitler that made me realize how I was disastrously limiting my financial success if I continued to blindly follow my upline’s advice. Here’s what he said:

“What luck for rulers that men don’t think…”

If only people thought for themselves instead of letting some authority figure do their thinking – they’ll be MUCH better off. And you’d better start thinking for yourself because if you haven’t made money with your current MLM after all these months or years of following your upline’s instructions, you’d eventually have to admit that you are just “beating a dead horse”.

Once I realized this, and snapped out of this “My MLM is the best and has the greatest products and compensation plan” trance repeated in all of the books, tapes, and functions – I started to look something else that fitted me and my personality better and started making money for myself rather than my upline!

Have you ever thought:

“What luck for MLM leaders that most downlines don’t think?”

Can you agree that your millionaire upline doesn’t know it all? And if he/she doesn’t know it all, can you safely say that they haven’t been exposed to other MUCH more lucrative opportunities beyond your MLM?

The lesson here is that you should not let other people do the thinking for you. Because if you let them do it for you, they’ll do it TO you! That’s what Hitler did to a group of basically good people who blindly followed his orders. Now, are you going to let someone else (your successful upline) do the thinking for you?

Now your upline maybe a great person, and he’s definitely not as crazy as Hitler; but think about this – nobody knows what’s best for you, only you can decide that for yourself.

Don’t believe EVERYTHING your upline shoves down your throat, explore other opportunities – ESPECIALLY if you feel deep down inside you are at dead end after years of staying in your current MLM. Who knows you may be making more money than your upline when you start to expand your options.

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Source by Alan Quan