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Why do people think all they need to do is vote for Barack Obama as president, and things will change? I don’t know why folks think that is what’s going to happen. Barack Obama is trying his best to get the American people to change. This is going to require some action on our behalf, as Americans, especially the Employers. I’m not pointing fingers, because this is something we all need to do.

First of all, companies shot themselves in the foot when they thought they could replace hard working Americans who’ve been loyal to these companies by first, showing up to work for 20 years straight. These hard working Americans have trade secrets that even management don’t have any knowledge of. These trade secrets or what we call tricks of the trade keeps some of these businesses, in business. Some of these secrets can take 10 years to figure out and some will never be figured out. The first thing needs to be figured is . Where is the trust from the Employer to the Employee? Why do you think you can save by getting rid of or replacing the backbone of the operation. Where is this ignorance, and cowardliness coming from?

What gets me is after many companies have gone under, with these lousy severance packages and buy-outs. The new people coming in these positions , mostly illegal immigrants, can’t do the job. They don’t even know the law as pertaining to Compliance with OSHA, let alone read ENGLISH and the idiotic management of these companies are paying the fines rather than rehiring the people who’ve been doing the job all along. What do you do America? You become the Employer and learn not how to do to someone what has been done to you. That’s where the change will come in to place and be effective, or else, it’s business as usual.

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Source by Dwayne Cousar