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eFoods Global is a brand new network marketing company founded in Midvale, Utah in late 2010.

At it’s head are six executive leaders directed by Steve Shenk.

Their mission? To “build innovative brands and systems that improve the personal security of each life we touch”. They strive to manifest excellence in every aspect of their business and always to the right thing by putting people first.

Personally I find the mission refreshing. At first glance during my research I found that the beginning steps of this company have indeed been about fulfilling their original mission.

Along with the rest of the network marketing companies sprinkled generously around the world, this company too is out to help those who have been hit so hard by the real estate collapse, bank closures, and job losses that have presented an epidemic state of poverty to more families than can accurately be counted today.

Through their opportunity and compensation plan they plan to make a difference to those families.

They are introducing a “new currency” that they believe will be the change. What is that currency? Food.

I laughed to myself when I read their foundational idea. Though it’s true – it still gave me a chuckle.

“Founded on the idea that food is essentially the center of any successful existence…” It’s true. Everyone needs food. eFoods Global has put their best good forward to manufacture storable food storage supplies that can sit on the shelf for up to 25 years.

This is a major boon for the people out there putting together a food storage but don’t want to go to the work of constantly rotating food so that their expensive storage won’t spoil before it gets used.

The company provides food for both immediate consumption and for safe keeping in times of drought, famine or long term emergencies.

eFoods Global markets their product through network marketers as a means to spread the word by mouth, or through other marketing methods, and bring in new distributors and customers. Each independent business owner has equal opportunity to take their business and turn it into a thriving empire.

These independent distributors are provided a basic set of backoffice tools to track their progress with recruiting and sales. Though every business owner who joins the ranks is expected to creatively market their business to the fullest of their creative powers and education on their own – no different from any other network marketing opportunity on the market today.

eFoods Global claims great tasting food, with a superior shelf life, and excellent opportunity for their representatives.

Because it’s been proven time and time again that most businesses of any type fail within their first year we’re watching this company to see how they come out by the end of 2011. We hope they have great success! Their mission is worthy and their reps and customers deserve the opportunity to thrive even in the down economy.

eFoods global is looking for strong people who have what it takes to not only survive in hard times… but to thrive in them.

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Source by Bronwen L. Oehlschlager