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Finding the “perfect” work-at-home opportunity is often a difficult proposition. While there may not be a “perfect” solution to your needs, I believe that by considering a few factors you can find an opportunity that will fit your lifestyle.

There are probably thousands of home business opportunities available today. And, while many of these opportunities are similar in their desire to help you make money, they are very different in their approach.

When deciding which work-at-home opportunity to pursue, consider the following factors:

1. Cost to start – Depending upon which direct sales opportunity you choose you may be charged an initial fee or merchandise charge. Don’t immediately be put off by this fact. Many of the best direct sales opportunities – such as Passion Parties or Mary Kay – require you to purchase merchandise before you begin.

2. Profit percentage – The amount of profit given to direct sales consultants varies greatly by company. I’ve seen some companies that only pay 25% of the profit to its consultants while others pay 50% and up. Pay close attention to how much of the show profit you will receive as payment for your time.

3. Perks – Many direct sales companies offer special incentives to their consultants. These incentives might include trips, cash bonuses, or a car allowance. If you are someone that is highly motivated by free travel or other incentives you want to pay close attention to these factors.

While these are three of the most important factors in considering a direct sales opportunity, there are certainly other factors that apply. Feel free to compare opportunities and choose the best one for you.

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Source by Bethany Hizer