Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Most people follow their uplines so-called advice and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Chances are great that you are one of them! Sure they may give you a temporary high by repeating some motivational quote he read in some success book, but how motivated are you REALLY when you have no money to show for it?

You probably feel that there is something wrong with you and that you are not trying hard enough to talk to enough prospects. But have you looked at it in another perspective?

I know you have listened to all those tapes that your upline shove down your throat, but have you considered that the so called advice they give you is outdated and ineffective? And maybe even actually making you fail?

Sure they may make you feel that their system is the most effective for your success, but if so, why are all your cross-line buddies and friends still struggling to make even one dollar of profit?

I know your upline would not intentionally want to make you fail, but what if, just WHAT IF they did not know any better also? Besides, they are just like robots following a system by their outdated and elderly upline with the same hard selling, manipulative sales tactics.

Sure those old fashioned tactics may have worked in the 1960s, but for the roaring 2000s you need to take a different approach than confronting your prospects at the local Starbucks. The problem is, most of them have are closed minded. Yeah you heard that right. They think their outdated system is the best without evaluated other means of recruiting prospects.

Most people do not even think of using the internet despite the enormous searches done on the keywords ‘home business’. Or they refuse to put up non threatening, low pressure ads in target magazines and newspapers.

Although your upline wants the best for you so that he too will profit, he/she may still have no clue what it is! They do what is familiar to themselves and what has worked for them, not you. If you are with the same upline without seeing any results, it would only be smart move to ditch him. It can possibly be the best financial decision of your life.

Besides, are you living your own life to primarily make a fortune for yourself or your upline? It may be hard in the beginning to break the relationship, especially if you are close, but you may have to do so if you wish to open your eyes to new and possibly more lucrative opportunities.

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Source by Alan Quan