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In Multi-Level Marketing( MLM  or Network Marketing, you must discover the “You-Can’t-Fail” Success System. In a nutshell there are five components that make the “You-Can’t-Fail” success system work: You, Company, Products, Compensation Plan and Support System. Many people use the new term for  MLM  which is network marketing.  MLM  is preferred because it makes an interesting acronym for Make Life Meaningful, Make Lots of Money, Meet Many Masters and Make Love More!

There must be integrity in each of the five components and when applied with the five universal laws, it is truly a “You-Can’t-Fail” Success System. They are the The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Giving and Receiving, The Law of Multiplication, The Law of Averages and The Law of Leverage.

Do your due diligence when you look at an  MLM  opportunity and ask these important questions: Do the products have great benefits and offer great value? Is the compensation plan simple, fair and balanced and is able to reward both the leaders and the part-timers. Is the support system simple and duplicatable? Is the management doing the right things?

A bonus factor would be the application of viral marketing with Internet support. A good  MLM  company will provide good Internet support and a user-friendly online system for recruiting and following up. Examples of effective tools are duplicatable websites and autoresponders that distributors can use to market the opportunity and build relationship online.

Whether it is offlne or online,  MLM  is a people business and you must keep in constant communication with your marketing group at least once a week to build the relationship.

Conventions and holiday trips are great incentives for members to work hard and it is at such events and trips where relationships are strengthened. The lifetime friendship is really priceless and one of the great benefits of this wonderful business of people helping people to achieve their dreams!

Leaders must master the skills of selling dreams, coaching and effective communication to do well in the business and help their groups to grow! The five core values of Integrity, Great Value, Great Quality, Great Service and Great Relationship will also ensure your success.

Your “You-Can’t-Fail” Success System will only work when the mission and vision of the company is clear and new members are shown a step-by-step plan of action to help them achieve good results in their first 90 days!

Online coaching is very important for those who are not able to attend meetings or trainings. You must apply the 48-hour follow up and go through a checklist of the basic things the new enrollee needs to do to get started in the right way!

Clarity is power. The new enrollee must be very clear on his purpose for doing the business. It is always the “Why?” and not the “How?” because when the “Why?” is strong enough, it will take care of the “How?”.

You must also use the most powerful business tool and that is your listing, prospecting, closing and following up daily journal. You don’t have to work seven days a week, if you consistently work 5 days a week and at least 20 hours a week on your business you will certainly earn a substantial residual income!

Your “You-Can’t-Feil” Success System must include two full days of leadership training to ensure your new enrollee has the leadership to build a strong and duplicatable marketing group. Personal development is one of the critical factors for success and the business strategy is to build the people first and the people will build the business.

You must have weekly business trainings and support sessions and group business presentations to support those who are new in the business. Every new enrollee will have a basic manual with the checklist on what they need to do to get the business going!

The solution lies in the system. You must make it so simple that the new enrollee is able to visualise his success using this system. You must get the new enrollee to think: “Yes, I can do this business!” You must ensure your system is simple, effective and duplicatable! Launch your “You-Can’t-Fail” Success System today!

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Source by Bruce Seah