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Here you will find an honest and an in depth insight into a company that goes by the name of Carbon Copy Pro. I first came into contact with this company as I was trawling the internet, comparing different opportunities, my first impressions were very positive, the feel and the branding of the company are, high end, with a touch of class, compared to many systems out there, I will cover this point later when i go into the cost of the program.

First I wanted to know what is carbon copy pro and would the system work for me, my first question was, is this a multi level marketing business? i was pleased tho find out that it is described as a two tiered direct sales company, that does offer a residual income stream, Now its not that i am against   MLM , I understand that model can be extremely lucrative, its just i was not looking to be involved in a traditional  MLM  at this point.

My research so far was positive the Co founders of the company seemed very credible, it was only fair to look a little deeper.

How the system works

The first stage you must go through as a prospect, is to complete an application form, you do have to pay approximately $20 for this, however in return you will get some high value ebooks, one from the CEO, Jay Kubersak and a few others from a variety of top names in the industry. This is a very important stage in the process as one, it qualifies you as an interested prospect and two it generates a small return on investment to the affiliate who paid his money for you as a lead.

Stage Two

The next stage you are required to purchase the black box, which essentially is an internet marketing tool box, this product can be shipped to your door, you will need to pay $395 for this product, of which the affiliate will receive $150, on the flip side that $150 comes to you when the shoe is on the other foot. There is also 1 months Free membership included in the black box, this is for all the training that is provided in the members area, from all the 6 and 7 figure earners. If you continue with the membership, the affiliate will get approx $30 per month, again the same if the shoe is on the other foot.

Stage Three

Now its time to get serious, if you are looking to treat this a s a real business and not just a training centre then you will need to qualify to sell there high end packages that go for sums of up to $40,000 paying up to forty percent commission. In order to qualify you will have to purchase one of the packages yourself, either, silver, gold, platinum and black.

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Source by James Pitsillides