Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Most any type of marketing during a recession will do well but there are some models that work better than others and there are some businesses that are absolutely killing it. It’s very important that you weigh your options intelligently before getting started in any marketing business.

I started out in traditional network marketing several years ago and realized like most people do that in order to create real and lasting wealth I was going to have to expand beyond my warm market. Chasing around my family and friends was just not going to cut it. I was going to have to recruit a small country if I was ever going to make the money I desired.

Don’t get me wrong I like the concept of network marketing and serving others but nowadays there are some better options for those that need to make money now. Thankfully I met a couple mentors that showed me a business model that, like   MLM  is highly leveraged, but paid out high ticket commissions upfront.

We are in a deep recession and people need to make money now. Most don’t have 2-5 years to build a large downline to start making a solid income, I know I didn’t. The high ticket direct sales business model is the way to go.

Right now there are business opportunities in the travel, personal development, and financial education industries that will gladly pay you $3k to $10k PER SALE for your marketing efforts, as well as having the ability to leverage the efforts of your team. It’s really the best aspects of both  MLM  and direct sales.

A couple things to consider:

Mentoring and Training

Make sure that whatever opportunity you join that there is proper training and mentoring available to you. No one is going to hold your hand, but you do want to work with people who are already successful and have a solid training infrastructure in place.


A good marketing system is designed to take the human error element out of the sales process. This is great for beginners. A good marketing system will do the prospecting, sorting, selling, and educating for you on complete auto-pilot allowing you to focus on marketing, advertising, and building relationships.

One last word of advice. Marketing is the smartest thing you can do during a recession IF you take ACTION and duplicate what successful people have already done. Seek out qualified mentors who will train and support you. Keep it simple and be yourself. Never give up on your dreams!

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Source by Johnny Wall