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The question is “are you prepared for the rest of your life”; if you can truthfully answer in the affirmative, then you are at a level much higher than me.

You have heard “he/she has plenty of money, because he/she never pays for anything”. Do you suppose those people accumulate money through their frugal living style?

Is it possible that some people have money, because they scrimped and saved to reach their goal of a comfortable retirement life?

Is it possible for some people to adopt a healthy diet and get enough exercise to look and feel younger than their age?

Some healthy and wealthy people are able to enjoy their lifestyle because they set goals and then met those goals.

It isn’t too late for those of us over 50 to put more attention toward goals that will give piece of mind when we decide to retire. If one of the goals is enough money, then we should make that a priority and do some realistic thinking about our financial future.

The same can be said for other goals, such as; healthy aging, our educational goal, attaining our career goals, etc.

Are there special places you have always wanted to see? Set a goal to make it happen. Are there trails you have wanted to walk, mountains you want to climb? Set goals today to see that you fulfill those dreams.

What has been the mindset that has stopped your progress to reach your dreams? Are you a “positive” or a “negative” thinker?

What thinking on your part is it that upsets you to the point of not working toward those seemingly impossible goals? Set a goal to improve your behavior or better yet, find a solution to this attitude problem.

While we have breath, let us never think we cannot achieve our goals, our dreams. There is hope, and there is a higher being that is there for us, always.

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Source by Herman Adcox