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A real global  MLM  opportunity has to provide a product or service that is in mass demand worldwide. The product or service has to be reasonably priced so that it is affordable to a large number of people globally.

The product/service offered must also be legal to sell and ship out to a large number of countries worldwide. The pay plan must also be legal in the countries that it is available in.

A service that can be delivered via the internet usually makes the choice for a global  MLM  opportunity. If it is a physical product, it needs to be light weight and also valuable enough for it to be mailed out to far out locations worldwide.

The company also needs to offer payments via credit/debit card. The commissions need to be paid out via check, bank transfer or online payment processors like PayPal.

Most global  MLM  companies offer products and services in the range $10 – $50 to make it affordable for a large number of people worldwide.

There are various companies offering products and services worldwide using the network marketing model. Products include vitamins & minerals, weight loss products, health drinks and tonics. Services include marketing systems, fitness videos, personal development services, web hosting, autoresponders.

There is usually a marketing system included along with the  MLM  opportunity. Some companies charge extra for the marketing system, others include it into their monthly price.

The company has to offer real value to a large number of people from various backgrounds and cultures worldwide. It has to stay on top of current changes and trends worldwide.

In my opinion the perfect global  MLM  opportunity is based on a service that can be delivered via the internet, a service that a large number of people need worldwide. Web hosting and online marketing and communications tools and services are a perfect fit for this.

A large number of people worldwide are looking to establish their presence on the internet, they are looking for robust web hosting and internet marketing solutions for their business.

If an  MLM  company can meet the needs of these people worldwide at a cost that is affordable for the majority, they will easily establish a large customer base. There are a large number of people worldwide looking for a global  MLM  company that offers robust solutions in this niche.

These entrepreneurs are ready to market the services offered by a company that is looking for long term growth and expansion.

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Source by Mujibur Rahman