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There is no doubt that Twitter is an upcoming social media monster and since the beginning of 2009 twitter went from being in the top 500 website to being among the top 100 websites when it comes to traffic ranking at the stats at The Web Information Company,

Twitter is essentially another blogging tool, but yet completely different from the blogs as we know them. If you don’t have a blog yet, you can get a free blog at or So how does twitter work? And how can twitter be used to generate leads for your  MLM ? If you are familiar with facebook, the status line in your Facebook profile page is basically what twitter is, a micro-blogging platform. People updating their status line regularly so other people can follow their activities on their twitter profile.

Twitter, like the rest of the social media websites on the web, can definitely be used to generate leads for your  MLM . If you know how to use it properly, twitter can, like the rest of the social media websites, be an effective way of growing your database of hungry prospects, but be aware, twitter can also be a waste of time.

It should be no secret that you need to expose your prospects to your message multiple times before you get the sale. If you combine your online marketing effort and expose your message in different marketing techniques you have a strong message delivery system. Combine twitter with your email marketing and a blog and you have three strong contact points. If you want even more exposure with very little effort, set up the application so your tweets and blog posts automatically go on to your Facebook account too.

Twitter is a great supplement to your marketing tool bag and it can be effective used alone, but if you combine twitter with other message delivery systems, it becomes a very dangerous and extreme effective marketing tool, you can easily end up generating more leads for your  MLM  than you have time to manage all by yourself.

The secret to successfully using twitter as a lead generation tool is in the way you use twitter. You should use twitter as a tool to connect with other people, share interesting things going on in your life and interesting things you observe around your life (for example, links to good resources, blog articles etc).

The business growth part comes in when, every now and then, you link to something of your own work; a blog post, an article, a YouTube video or whatever project you want to share with your followers. I recommend using a free giveaway to generate the lead, you send your twitter followers to a data capture page directly and share with them a free report or a video series. It has to be something of value to your prospects.

These tweets with a link to your data capture page with the free report should not be the only tweets you make. People will lose interest in you and don’t be afraid of sending your readers to some content you didn’t make, as long as it’s good content, your readers will keep following YOU.

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Source by Casper Frederiksen