Get LEADS On Autopilot!

The ONLY way we are going to be successful with our network marketing endeavors, is to

a) prospect consistently


b) TEACH those that we prospect how to duplicate!

Most people flounder around and then figure it’s not working because

a) They don’t know what to say

b) They don’t know what to do

LET’S FIX ALL THAT!!! Because people think it’s complicated but it’s really very simple!!!

We can make this happen, but ONLY if we are open to learning EXACTLY what to say to people,

and then, what to teach them to say to people, and so on.

Here’s a great example. Let’s say we are baking a cake. We are told what ingredients that go into a cake, so we figure it’s easy. Well, it’s easy if we know the process! But let’s say we leave the flour and the sugar and the chocolate and the eggs on the counter, and some alien comes along. They might try baking the flour. Then, they might try mixing the eggs with the chocolate. No cake. Sounds ridiculous, but even if we have all the ingredients, unless we know the EXACT process, we will NOT GET THAT CAKE.

So, let’s learn the process, and BAKE THAT CAKE into a nice, 6 figure residual income that we will have FOREVER to pass down to our kids and grandkids.

The system really has to do with a daily action commitment. For example, making sure that your company’s story gets told at least 2 times a day by you and your team members. With these kind of numbers, over time, we are sure to build huge organizations!

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Source by Sally Shields