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Short for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, FHTM is a multi-level marketing business currently with its largest membership of over 45,000 people in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. This is a business which has proven to be very enterprising to people who either want to work as part time or full time recruits to the organization. This article will serve as an FHTM review so you can make an informed decision about the company.

FHTM was founded in 2001 in Lexington, Kentucky by Paul Orberson. Paul worked as a recruiter and a salesperson for the famous multi-level marketing company known as Excel Telecommunications before he gained enough skills to open his own organization. He later retired from the Excel Telecommunications in the year 2004 after the company filed for bankruptcy. He currently owns the True Essentials Nutritional Products Inc Company which FHTM represents.

In spite of its high number of affiliates, the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is open to new applicants who either want to work on full time basis or part time. The registration fee for the regular representative is only $299 dollars whereas for those people who want to hold higher positions such as a Manager or training coach levels are required to pay $698 dollars. This is a fee which covers not only the registration but also all their needed training materials and support. Moreover, FHTM charges additional fees for those who want the ‘add-on’ products which are common on websites. New recruits are required to buy at least three of the FHTM products or services.

The main aim of the representatives of the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is to sell products as well as services as affiliates to other companies. The products and services sold are relatively legitimate though available often at lower cost via the traditional retail establishments. The FHTM products and services are many, ranging from health and beauty products to alarm systems and Dish Network subscriptions. All that the representatives are required to do is choose the product/ service they are comfortable with.

To make it even better, the FHTM does not only pay its affiliates for the products they sell or from the time they work but also for the new recruits they bring into the company. This helps you to earn more money by building your down line. This is the key factor which has helped the company to grow at a fast rate since through people’s aim in making more money; it gets more affiliates who ease its sales.

To really understand how to build your downline, you need to be taught   MLM  recruiting. It’s not something FHTM is going to teach. You need to find a good marketing coach who can show you how to dominate with a marketing system.

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Source by Joseph Turbin