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Far too often we complicate things when it comes to our home based business. When are we going to get back to basics and start making the real money?

Network marketing is really very simple. You market a product or service and you find other people who want to market that same product or service. So why is it that we make the idea of network marketing so darn complicated when it’s really very simple?

If you’ve ever called a prospect over the phone without a script and tried to tell them about your network marketing opportunity chances are you had a hard time explaining it. Why is that? I believe it’s because we over complicate the crud out of it.

Look, when you’re talking to someone about your business they always fall in one of two categories: people who want to buy the product and people who want to work from home. If they want to work from home it’s pretty silly to go on and on and on and on about how great your product is because at the end of the day that’s not what really matters.

Of course you should be up front with people and tell them the product. However, what you’ll find is that all people really want to know is… how do I make money myself?

If you can show people how to honestly make money from home it doesn’t matter if you’re marketing the worst product in the world… they’re going to sign up with you! I have seen people make money with company’s that have the dumbest most over prices products out there! And guess what… people just keep on signing up to be in the business!

Don’t over complicate things! Get back to basics!

Your prospect has a problem and you have the solution, it’s really as easy and simple as that. Their problem is that they want to make money from home. Your solution is you have a home based business designed to help them do that. From that point on there really isn’t anything you can do… they either want what you have or they don’t.

Don’t over complicate things when it comes to the “no” either. If you offer someone the chance to work from home and make more money and they turn it down it’s not you… it’s them! They obviously just can’t see the opportunity for what it is. So don’t beat yourself up for it because 9 times out of 10 you did nothing wrong.

Your only job is to present your opportunity to the prospect and after you’ve done that your job is done. If they want it, great! Get them started right away and help them to make money as soon as possible. If they don’t want what you have don’t worry about it. Every “no” is not your fault!

Don’t over complicate your business… get back to basics. This is the best industry in the world and it’s also one of the easiest.

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Source by Dan T Himes