Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Content marketing seems to be the big craze to creating leads these days…put your content all over the internet and the leads will “flow in” Content can be articles, videos, forums, websites etc. The general idea to successful content marketing would be to write to the proper audience that will actually read your information. This would allow you to get maximum exposure and traffic to your opportunity

A second way you hear a lot about how to generate leads is through paid marketing on the Internet. Things like pay per click marketing, Ezine advertisements, buying banner ads on various websites, or just allowing other website owners to place links on their site. This is one of the most popular ways to build a lead list however, one really has to know the numbers behind their business and how much they can afford to pay an advertising and be able to recoup the costs. There is really no point of paying for ads over and over again because eventually the ads will run you broke before you have the results.

What I advocate everyone do to is start off by buying a set of 10,000 leads for $49 dollars. Most people assume that they are going to generate thousands and thousands of leads online, which is possible but not likely in the SHORT TERM. This is usually not the case. In fact it can take months after months to generate that many leads online to talk to. In the short term, it would be more productive to have 10,000+ leads you can call anytime, that are interested in a home business. Stop paying for leads over and over again and using the same techniques that will build your  MLM  too slow.

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Source by Peter Day