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Multilevel marketing works on the concept that a product gains value whenever it is being refer from one person to another. The product’s perceived value and popularity increases if it is being introduced to you from a friend who have uses it before. You would rather trust your friend’s advice than a cold advertisement, wouldn’t you?

That is the reason why some products are preferably sold through the  MLM  networking than that in retail shops.

The traditional way of promotion a product involves spending hard cash on advertisement both in print and over the air media like the newspaper and television. All these costs and expenses are of course being filtered down and bore by the end-consumer like you and me.

Advertising in  MLM  program involves no expenses at all and all is done through word of mouth, so to speak.

With no cost in promoting the products resulting in this savings being passed on to the promoter who earns them as commissions.

The state of health of a nation depends on the diet of its people. Health problem is the number one health issues that concern all countries, and every one of you has some time or another encounter weight problems.

For that reason, health and wellness industry has always been a top contender for  MLM  business opportunity. Hence most products here will be targeted at weight loss. In the US alone, almost half the population are over-weight and about one-third of them are clinically obese.

With the popularity of fast foods in almost every country in the world and with relatively no proper sanctioned by countries, its people would literally binge themselves silly and bringing nations on the brink of sickness, disease and ill-health of its people.

Wherein lay a big untapped market for business opportunity in this health-related industry. Multilevel marketing on these health products provides immense income earning capacity because there is a wide scope of opportunity here. There are lot of competition in this niche but there are also lots of hungry buyers out there who wanted to solve their weight problems.

Just type in the keyword phrase like “weight loss” in Google and you do the maths.

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Source by Alfred Loo