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It’s ruthless. Today, succeeding in the “work at home” arena is more difficult than ever with the painful advertising costs and “expensive” cut throat competition. Spending a small fortune to keep their businesses afloat, most home business owners find themselves throwing in the towel before they even begin.

But with the new “Building On A Budget” platform, large pocketbooks may no longer be needed to grow a lucrative home business.

Now aspiring and success driven entrepreneurs who have little or no money to advertise, can learn the most potent ways to build any home business using the latest online marketing strategies, in many cases without spending a dime.

However, few business owners can understand it. This   MLM  or Network Marketing lead generation method can give your business giant exposure with very little work.

For those who don’t know, this is the new Magnetic Sponsoring network marketing affiliate program. You also can make money on this product by introducing people to it.

Have you heard of Justin Herald? Here’s a young man who started a business as a practical joke for $50 and turned it into millions “almost over night”. His claim is that his clothing label, “Attitude”, has never paid for advertising.

Justin’s was an inspirational story of a kid with a bad attitude who became a success. When the press heard his story, they competed for who would interview him.

Getting an endorsement on the news gave him a competitive edge and plenty of free exposure. So much, that “Attitude” has become a household brand name simply through the news. Justin used that to grow his business fast and cheap.

There is a fundamental difference in the way wealthy entrepreneurs think, and the way struggling newbie think.

A struggling newbie typically tries to build a downline through sheer physical strength and put hours of energy into cold calling, buying leads, and approaching anyone who can talk.

A true business-minded person thinks in terms of “systems”. In other words, how to develop a network marketing system into a money-making machine? Within that system, which parts can be automated so that it leaves him time to spend with qualified prospects. Otherwise he could be working 70 hours a week which is probably not what most home business owners want.

Professional home based business owners work smarter and not necessary harder. They leverage their efforts through MARKETING and PEOPLE. You see, marketing makes money, not products because products don’t sell themselves.

Nowadays, you do need a website to succeed. The reason for this is that search engines and article directories are penalizing home based businesses that do not have websites because they search for content. Content is king. However, creating a website can be daunting if you don’t know how. But there are a couple of solutions in the “Building On A Budget” that a layman can handle.

Another tip is to use email to follow up. The logic for this is undeniable. Even if your website is fabulous; providing lots of content, answers and solutions, still over 90% of first time visitors will NOT buy on their first visit. That means you are leaving lots of money on the table. Now, how are they going to remember to return to your site, when there are billions of other websites online, some of which could be your competitors? The answer is you MUST remind them to come back with enticing offers and give them solid reasons to do business with you. And nothing does that better than email!

These are a few examples what this revolutionary “Building On A Budget” can help you to build your business exponentially cheap and fast. You simply cannot make money without spending money. But spending wisely is a must!

Mike Dillard is now offering a more affordable package by most people. His first video of “Building on a Budget” showed you how to use split testing to get more leads for the same price we were originally spending. These are effectively free leads.

This tip alone is a newsworthy to you as the Home Business owner. That’s an “unconventional” method of getting more advertising power for the same price.

Anyone who advertises will want to know about this program!

Generating your own endless leads is one component of your home business system that you must have. There is a lot to it. You’ll find out why buying leads, using PPC, mailing postcards, or joining your teams ad co-op is the biggest mistake you could make if you’re building your business on a budget.

I believe Mike will be revealing more in future videos. there are already two videos out and they are free.

1. How to drive hoards of traffic to any website for pennies.

2. How you can build any business that you are with for USD500 or less, and in most cases do it for absolutely nothing.

3. Show you some little known zero cost methods that are more effective at driving traffic than paid advertising.

4. And TONS much more…

“Building On A Budget” looks to be a dependable solution for all of today’s home business owners looking for maximum exposure without giving up their paycheck.

If you are kind of intimidated by this whole “building business on a budget” thing, don’t worry because you are going to understand more each time and then it will become clearer and easier for you to take your business to the next level.

Now you can learn the best ways to build any home business for less than $500, using the latest internet marketing techniques!

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