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Perhaps you are like me. Daily and for years, I have received countless offers to join money-making programs on the fly. I actually have looked at most of them. After having done so, I started to realize that many of these are either scams that probably won’t work or, if ordered, they don’t include each and every step clearly laid out in order for you to make any sense. Let’s face it, if you can’t connect all of the dots in any program – it just won’t work.

One of the things that have become clear to me over the years, is many times, most programs contain an up sale. Frequently, many up sales are located on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page of a sales page when viewed on the web. Nearly always, each new page is an offer for something priced higher than the last one. Very commonly, I’ve learned that if you say no to the first presentation of the newest offer, you will be given another chance to purchase it at a reduced cost. Careful. This is not a guarantee and may not happen each time. It is common to be presented with up to 5 or even 6 presentations. These sales are known as back-end sales and this is where most offers make their owners the most money.

One thing I have learned to do before buying the next greatest thing (offer), is to take a moment and open another page in your browser and go to YouTube. Type in a search for the name of the prospective program you are considering and read some reviews about it. This is not a guarantee of real facts, but it can’t help but provide you with several different comments and overall viewpoints for this program. Sometimes you may not be able to locate any information on a specific program offer because it probably is very new on the market or not many people have tried it yet.

I have even noticed that you may find others are offering the same opportunity at a reduced price or even including additional bonuses which will come with the original offer. Learn to check online for these somewhat rare cases. Soon you will discover quality names of marketers and/or companies that you can trust and ultimately feel quite good about dealing with these.

Below are a few programs I feel have been presented well and contain information you would like to be associated with.

Best Easy Work

$1 Salesman

Sizel International


IBS (different companies you can own for little money)

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