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I would like to share with you some data that we have been gathering over the past year and it has a lot to do with why people join  MLM  and Network Marketing companies. Our team has done hundreds of live training webinars and performed countless hours of one-on-one consulting with people from all walks of life.

In an effort to summarize this in a short period of time here is what we have found. Typically speaking many people who join MLMs or Network Marketing organizations have NOT asked themselves the real question of, “Why am I embarking on this journey.” Some people are job seekers with an employee mindset, some are business opportunity seekers and some are painted pictures of delusions of grandeur that are surrounded with completely unrealistic expectations. Then of course there are the lucky few who actually understand what they are getting involved with and run a successful business.

Please understand that ALL of the successful entrepreneurs in this industry are just that- entrepreneurs. They are not looking for a job or simply seeking a new opportunity. These people have a laser-focused agenda of being a professional entrepreneur first and foremost. In addition to the true entrepreneur mindset, there is one other critical factor needed to complete the puzzle.

The primary reason these Lucky Few seem to succeed where others fail is simple. They understand Marketing. That is what it takes, Pure Marketing folks. These people understand how to generate targeted leads and design professional marketing funnels effectively. Many of the most successful Network Marketers have realized that the most effective way to succeed in today’s Markets is through the use of modern Online Marketing strategies. Many pros deploy online marketing software platforms like MyBrandBuilderPro 3.0 to shave dozens of hours off their weekly regiment.

Let’s take it to the next level. We have discussed how successful MLMers and Network Marketers have evolved toward using advanced online marketing platforms like MyBrandBuilderPro to exponentially grow their businesses in record time, but why stop there? Most professional Marketers do not limit themselves to one little niche. Let’s not confuse niche marketing, which is very powerful, with limiting oneself to a single niche. Have more vision than that folks!

Modern Online Marketing models are the future of advertising. State-of-the Art practices and new age Marketing is firmly intertwined with the Web 2.0/Web 3.0 architecture. MyBrandBuilderPro 3.0 is one of the most advanced and easy to use Total-Syndication Marketing platforms in existence today. It will allow the professional marketer the ability to combine all of the most effective methods of advertising into one central web-based dashboard.

This in return allows the professional Online Marketer the ability to focus on multiple streams of revenue in several vertical markets at the same time. Once again, don’t pigeonhole yourself and focus on just  MLM  or Network Marketing. If that is your dream go for it, but make no mistake. Traditional marketing practice and theory are dead! Think Total-Syndication Marketing if you want a truly well rounded business model.

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Source by Scott Jay Ringle