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When generating  MLM  leads for your business opportunity, do you follow a systematic plan?  MLM  lead generation should be thought of as an exact science of testing theories and compounding findings. Sometimes all you need is one change to go from 5 leads per day to 50 leads per day.

If you’re setting your own lead generation system for the very first time, then start small. There are three stages that transition a regular internet user into a prospect for your  MLM  that you can market your products and business to.

1. Advertising to get the attention of qualified leads. A qualified lead is someone who is interested in what you are offering.

2. Selling them on giving you their contact details and getting their permission to market to them. This is actually a second stage of qualifying to match your prospects to your product in a more fine-grained manner.

3. Maintaining your leads to remain interested in your marketing of your products or business.

Quite often  MLM  distributors hit a bottle neck in one of these stages and this affects the number of leads, and ultimately the number of sales they get. You must identify where your bottle neck is.

If you are not receiving many visits to your site, you should change your advertising text that takes someone from browsing the web (say in a search engine) over to your site. Do this using split-testing of ads and targeting your advertisements to better matched keywords or more related sites.

Once you have visitors coming to your site, you should be trying to interest as many of them enough that they give you their contact details. Generally, we use capture pages to do this. But sometimes even the smallest change will double the number of people who leave their details. For example, when I reached this particular bottleneck, I added an animated graphic above the lead capture form and instantly tripled the number of leads that entered my marketing pipeline.

Quite often, your headline, bullets, and the general layout of your page will significantly increase or reduce the number of people who register their interest. You should essentially only ask for two fields of data: a first name and an email address.

The third bottleneck is where people are signing up to your lead capture page, but either they don’t read your messages or unsubscribe soon after. If this is happening to you, then you should be tweaking your first E-Mail at least and ensure you share very valuable content that keeps them hungry for your next E-Mail.

Earlier I mentioned that this was a science. Just like a scientific experiment, you begin with a hypothesis–a theory–that a particular advertising message would get the attention of the right prospect. You test two different advertising messages which are your theories. After you run the experiment for some time, you will notice that the response to one of your advertisements is better than the other. When this occurs, you can conclude that one experiment was more successful than the other. You scrap the least performing experimental advertisement, and create a new theory based on the findings. Test this new theory against the better performing advertisement and repeat until you are satisfied with the result.

Finally, a mistake I see many Network Marketers make is that they do not encourage their current prospects to give them referrals. I usually offer some bonus content in exchange for referrals. You can do the same. After a prospect has given you their details showing their interest in your products or business, offer them something valuable in exchange for the email addresses of people they know who may also be interested in your content.

Carefully following these principles, you can over time boost your number of  MLM  leads from 1 to 5 to 50  MLM  leads with only very simple changes.

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Source by Jim Yaghi