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Earn extra cash working online and how to find a legitimate work from home business. When you see all the get rich quick claims, your curious right? You know they’re too good to be true, but that little voice in the back of your head is saying, what if they are? There are a lot of online marketers counting on that little voice and your inexperience, when it comes to finding legitimate ways to earn extra cash working online.

Working online from your home is a very inexpensive and cost effective way to start a career from home or create a second source of income. It can be very difficult to find good solid online opportunity, but they are out there. With internet usage growing by 20% annually, work from your home businesses are being seen as great opportunities to earn extra cash.

Finding A Legitimate Online Business Opportunity

Here are a few tips to help you avoid being ripped-off by clever online marketers:

  • Legitimate offers will never include the words “get rich quick”.
  • Pyramid schemes often claim you’ll make more money by signing up before everyone else, avoid them!
  • Find out if the market is saturated with the type of product they offer, find something unique!
  • Legitimate offers will usually include training and marketing assistance
  • Read the terms and conditions, do they allow you to advertise freely without restrictive conditions?
  • Understand the compensation package, can you get a reasonable return for your time and money?
  • If the company encourages you to sell to family and friends, you should probably look elsewhere.

Let common sense be your guide. Legitimate online business opportunities will not ask you to pay in advance for information about the company, the products or their compensation package, if they do avoid them. You should easily find all the information you need about a particular company by doing a Google search of the company or it’s founding members. Don’t be fooled by the clever marketing techniques, the hype and the outrageous income claims! Information is your best ally.

A word of warning! Many people make this mistake when it comes to working online. They think by having a website, you’ll automatically get huge amounts of traffic to your business. This is a fatal mistake. If you are not actively driving traffic to your website, it is nothing more than a digital brochure few people will actually see.

Your businesses website will be competing with Hundreds of Millions of other websites. Knowing how to effectively market your online business is crucial. Almost 97% of online entrepreneurs fail within the first year because of a lack of online marketing skills. If you don’t possess these skills learn them! Once you have mastered online marketing, your ability to earn extra cash working online will be virtually unlimited!

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Source by Jim Roach