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When it comes to Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing, one of the most important things you learn right from the beginning is the importance of the web page a customer goes to gather more information about the product you are promoting. With capture web pages, you have two options. You can use a direct link, also called an Affiliate link, that leads your potential customers to the parent company’s product capture page. You can also choose to create your own unique web pages, or have a professional designer create a custom capture page for you (recommended).

As a beginner, using the Affiliate links you are given by the merchants is beneficial, especially when you haven’t figured out the basics and you’re still learning. Once you’ve learned or fumbled your way through the various parts of Affiliate and Network Marketing, your next focus should be on learning how to create your own unique product page. A capture page is different from a website or blog. There aren’t multiple pages. It is one page that talks about the product and provides an opportunity for purchase. The major difference between a merchant provided page and a unique one, is that a unique page is your own creation.

By creating a unique page, your individual voice, style, and techniques are passed from your other marketing efforts to the capture page content. When you are writing your own blogs, ads, emails, and articles it is important to be consistent. The tone of your content may be odd in comparison to a merchant’s page. Many search engines have started to raise expectations with the content you’re putting on the Internet. Duplicating content in part or in whole, can cause more damage than a lot of people know.

Merchants aren’t always up to speed and the tools and content that they provide to Affiliate’s for marketing use turns out all wrong. For this reason alone, having your own unique page can prevent problems with duplicate content. It is not uncommon to find capture page templates, other tools, and professional services to help you in the creation of your pages. If you choose a template to use, make sure the content you add is original. Templates should only help you with the placement of text, graphics, and other such parts. Creating your own capture pages prevents the possibility of running into problems.

Professional capture page designers have this skill down to a science with color schemes, and graphical schemes that are most attractive to the eye of the visitor. So it might be in your best interest to seek a professional, because the wrong capture page design could also do you more harm than good, if you do not know what you are doing graphically. You can only rely on merchant tools and pages for so long. Think about how many other Affiliates are using the same exact merchant capture web page.

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Source by Bobby Pena