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So you want to know the best advice for someone getting started in network marketing? Alright well I hope you’re ready because here it comes. The biggest and best advice is to just relax. Well that’s it, alright there is more to it than that.

Relaxing is absolutely essential to your success. There is about 500 things that are going through your mind when you first start up your business. You can think of 20 things that need to be done and they needed to be done yesterday.

When I first started my business I basically had a panic attack, true story. I ordered my product and then got a message from my upline leader explaining what to do next. I started to panic as I saw all the different “assignments” to be done. I felt as though I had to get everything done that day or something horrible would happen.

Then something occurred and all the sudden everything came into perspective. It’s as though a light bulb turned on similar to the one you would see in a cartoon. I came to the realization that building a business is a process. Everything isn’t supposed to happen all at once.

I wrote something out on a piece of paper and taped it to my computer monitor so I would see it every day. This piece of paper changed my views on my business forever. It read, “Relax, this is a process it will take time. Just make sure everyday you are moving toward your goals.” Sounds pretty simple right? Well I still have that little note on my monitor and will never take it off.

I suggest you try it and see if your mentality changes, I can almost guarantee you will become more relaxed about the business building process. Say it everyday when you rise from bed, who knows you may even feel refreshed. My advice is conquering one thing at a time. Don’t get hung up on the little things just concentrate on the important activities.

What do I mean by this? Don’t go out and try to master every kind of advertising that is available. Pick one to start and get great at it then move on. In my case I started with articles, I would write two a day and submit them and all the sudden traffic started coming.

After the articles I moved onto PPC advertising and so on. Everything will come into place in the long run, trust me on this one. Just make sure you concentrate on one thing at a time. Remember that success isn’t an overnight event; it is achieved through steady and consistent action towards an ultimate goal.

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Source by Michael L. Smith