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Nuverus is a multi level marketing company launched recently. The founder of the company is Mike Jareou, a multi level marketing expert and the founder of quite a few other multi level marketing companies. The company claims to provide an exceptional global business opportunity, and is poised to grow explosively. The main product offered by the company is called Euforia.

Euforia is a beverage designed to give the human body a burst of energy as well as providing for some health benefits. Euforia has harnessed ancient science as well as modern science to create a powerful beverage which is targeted to provide relief from today’s hectic lifestyle. Some of the ingredients that make up the drink are Nigella Sativa (Black Seed), Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Açai, Green Tea, Blueberry, Curcuma and Resveratrol meant to provide to keep the human body in perfect health. Black Seed is the main ingredient which provides maximum health benefits, and has been used for the first time in any drink. Black Seed has been used since ancient times to cure infections and is said to be packed with vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Nuverus offers a decent compensation plan to its associates. The plan is time tested, with a few additional incentives and bonuses. An Associate Start up Kit costs $49.95. Money can be earned through many ways. Retail Sales, which means selling the Euforia product after buying it at a wholesale price, can earn the associate 20% commission. 5%-20% commission can be earned through Preferred Customers (PCs) when they place an order with their associate. A Fast Start Bonus is obtained after an associate pays anything from 199$-$999 for it and selling builder packs. Team Commissions with a maximum of 14,000$ can be earned each week. A Leadership Bonus Pool and an Elite Leadership Bonus pool, a Matching Bonus, Special Promotions and Re-Entry certificates are some of the other incentives on offer. Also available is a Car Allowance.

All in all, the business opportunity is transparent and very good. Associates marketing the Euforia product can hope to generate decent revenue each week.

The greatest benefit and also the main drawback of Nuverus is that it has a single product. This is good because associates of the company will not have to try and sell many products at the same time. They can concentrate on a single product and try and sell it to targeted customers. The main drawback is that as just a single product is available, associates will not have an opportunity to market multiple products.

Nuverus is a very new. It has a product which is entering into an oversaturated beverage market. Many other companies can be seen selling health drinks and energy drinks and each company does claim that its products are the most unique with the most health benefits. Nuverus is no different and it also claims that its product Euforia provides the most health benefits. But does the leadership of the company have to power to break into the market remains to be seen.

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Source by Randy Chambliss