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In today’s world of online marketing, having an autoresponder is essential to being profitable. However you must be very careful how you approach your customers. Most people don’t respond well to a hard sale so you have to be built up to it. Plus most marketers agree that a prospect must hear a pitch on average of seven times before they actually purchase. So how does your autoresponder come into play? Well, its quite simple because your autoresponder will be used to get your message to your customers the seven times.

Many times, marketers make the mistake of pushing a hard sales pitch in their first autoresponder message. This does not work. The key is to slowly build interest by first giving information. You want to educate the potential customer on a topic related to your service or product. Then put a link at the bottom of the message to your service or product which will somehow solve their problem.

Then over the next few messages, start to build on the first message by giving more information on your product. You will want to start giving the benefits of your product and really showing them exactly how it will benefit them. Once you get near the last couple of messages you will finally hit them with the hard sale. There is an art to this type of marketing so don’t fret if you don’t get it right the first time. Keep it up and you will soon see how amazingly effective it can be.

If you are at a complete lost, check your email for messages you have receive from others about their products. See how they have written them and once you find some that you find are effective copy them into a file and call it your “swipe file”. While you don’t want to copy these emails word for word, it is completely acceptable to use them as a starting point for your own emails. Find what works and copy it!

So to wrap it up remember, don’t start off with the hard sale. Build interest by giving as much information

as possible. Show them how you and what you are offering can solve their problem. Then, if you have done this correctly, by the time they read the final messages they will be primed and ready to buy whatever you are selling! Good luck and happy marketing!

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Source by Angel Taylor