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There are many reasons why people fail in business. I believe there are 3 major reasons why most business owners never make any money and reach the level of success that they could. This article will share with you the 3 major reasons why people fail in business.

Here are the 3 major reasons why most business owners fail:

1. They don’t know anything about direct response marketing

2. They don’t know how to sell

3. They don’t know how to manage their money

Let’s start by break down what and how business owners do not do this:

What is direct response marketing? Isn’t it just like normal marketing?

Direct Response Marketing generates prospects that are pre-sold, pre-interested, and wanting to do business with you ever before you talk with them. Marketing is not getting your name out there, building your brand, or creating brand awareness. Your marketing must be justifiable like any employee for a business. If that employee is not producing you either help them change or fire them. The same is true for your marketing.

If are interested in learning more about direct response marketing buy books from Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, or Seth Godin. These are great resources to start in learning more about direct response marketing.

You do not know how to sell.

It is funny how many people picture sales people as the guy on the used car lot who is pushy, overly aggressive, and frankly, repels people. This is not what a great sales is like at all. Great sales people are good listeners. They are great at identifying what their prospects goals and challenges are. They understand that many people will not qualify for what they have to offer so they spend more time sort prospects than actually selling.

Something that all sales had to learn: You will be sucks at selling for a while, and then you will get better with practice. You have to learn to sell to make sure you are making the most of the leads that you are generating for your business. Otherwise you can have all the leads in the word, but if you can translate any of that into business you are still going to fail.

Finally, Managing your money.

It is a scary thought that the average American has 14,000 dollars of rolling credit card debt. The vast majority of American do not have enough money saved for retirement. It is no wonder when someone starts in business that they do not have proper savings or any budget at all, that they fail to have enough money to operate their business. The first step to managing your money is creating a budget. You must identify where your money is going. You must make a plan for your money before you get started in business. It is like my football coach used to tell me, “You can only coast one way!’

Money not budgeted typically get spent. Take the time to create a budget.

If you want to succeed in business, you must master these 3 skills of business. Otherwise plan on having a fruitful career of failure.

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Source by John T.S. Murphy