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In the search for productivity insight, I decided to do an experiment to see just how much time would be involved for those aspiring network marketers or those involved in  MLM  to write articles versus spending that time to generate leads. I began writing this at about 9am. I want to see how long it takes to sit down and generate a free form article, including spelling corrections.

First some ground rules:

A good article should begin with several things:

* Topic area

* General idea of what the article will address

* Title

* Outline

* Consist of 500 words

The article generation process should include at the very least the following steps.

* Outlining

* Research

* Writing

* Spell check

* Proof read

* Editing

* Revision


* Publishing

I’m sure there is an article out there describing what makes a good article and how to write one. For the purpose here I am simply trying to determine how long it takes me to generate a five hundred (500) word article.

So far I’m at one hundred and thirty eight words (138) and it’s been about ten (10) minutes. That puts me on pace for about forty (40) minutes in writing time. However, I’ve already identified that my keyboard is slowing me down because it’s having issues.

This brings us to three questions to resolve:

1. Why do we care?

2. Why do we want to write articles anyway?

3. What does it matter?

For the remainder of this article I will focus on these three things. Well let me say I will address those things on the way to my five hundred words. I guess I could start writing out five hundred just to get some extra word credit.


Depending on what you do will determine how much you are. For instance, if you are a network marketer, is writing an article a good use of your time? I you are the chief executive officer of a corporation should you be writing articles? The main question is whether or not it’s the best use of your time. Now some would immediately say it’s not, but I think there is an argument that that is not always true.

(Time check – it’s been twenty minutes at least, and now I have the added distractions of family around. I am at three hundred twenty (320) words.)


Writing a good article can be extremely powerful and very lucrative. You can establish credibility and expertise in a particular area. You can submit articles to drive others to a website. You can generate leads and additional business because of both of these reasons. Perhaps most obviously you can be paid to write articles and if you drive traffic to you site you may be paid by advertisers. Theoretically if you do this yourself all those benefits are free, the only cost is your time. That gets us to number three:


One of the ways to answer that question is to know how much your time is worth. What other task or tasks could you have completed? Will you get as much benefit from an article you write versus other things you could do. Now this point is highly subjective. At the very least it is dependent upon whether or not you’re even a good writer. If you can’t type like me, it’s involves that much more time.

Time check – it’s been thirty minutes and I’m over five hundred words (505 to be exact) and since that was my goal I can say that given a topic I could generate an article in about thirty minutes. But that’s just the writing.

By the time I’ve spell checked, done a little editing, and enhanced the format, it’s now 9:46 am meaning it’s been around forty five minutes to do this so far and I’m not quite done. If I were a guide to network marketing, I would have two questions – how did some of the authors find time to write so many articles? And in some cases how did they write so many in one day? That’s before the real question of whether writing and article is worth a network marketer’s time.

Final time check – 9:54 am, I will say I lost five minutes or so to family distraction, now to submit. I would say as a gross estimate at least an hour should be allocated to one article. For more information on this or other topics, check out my blogs or sites and by all means leave me a comment with your suggestions or feedback.

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Source by John P Berry