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If you are considering leverage Twitter or other social media think again! With the latest studies pointing out that over 60% of people on Twitter never return, we must consider our effort we are putting into this medium. This article will give you a fresh to perspective on the proper way to leverage Twitter in your marketing efforts!

First Twitter lesson:

Most people do not care what you are doing, thinking, or even saying! You have to be a some what self absorbed person to even think that most people will care about what a average everyday person has to offer.

Tweets like I am making coffee or I’m off to work are a waste of time!

Second Twitter lesson:

Odds are high that you want to effectively use Twitter so do exactly the opposed of every buddy else. Don’t just post crap consistently through the day about boring and normal stuff you are doing. Again, no one cares!

To effectively use Twitter offer stuff that is interesting. Don’t just like to article. Like to your personal written articles! EzineArticles have a cool feature that automatically promotes your articles on Twitter once they are published. YouTube also has a feature that allows you to promote your videos on Twitter. Both of these are effective methods for leveraging Twitter in your marketing efforts.

Third Twitter lesson:

More tweets does not equal better results. If you follow the most successful people on Twitter you quickly realize the commonality: The average person wants a closer look into this person’s life. Oprah, Shaq, and other celebrities quickly develop a massive following. While every day people do not provide enough value to do this. If you are going to tweet something make sure it is fun, different, and very engaging to your followers. Otherwise it will just fall to the side lines!

Fourth and Final Twitter lesson:

Get a life! Do not spend hours a day on Twitter. Spend maybe 10 minutes providing quality tweets, they get on with your life! Successful people are busy working, not sitting on Twitter writing random crap that is a total waste of your time and mine!

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Source by John T.S. Murphy